Cases 3YK08479 & 3YQ10123

FAO HHJ Godsmark and Court Manager. Cases 3YK08479 & 3YQ10123

Please may I have the order from HHJ Godsmark who dismissing my claim without a hearing, case No 3YQ10123 J K Browne v Chief Constable, on the grounds that HHJ Godsmark concluded on 06/08/14

In January 2015 I was awarded costs against British Gas who have refused to comply with same ever since. Previously in the British Gas matter HHJ Godsmark ordered that they are not required to produce a bill of costs and have it assessed for the £50,000 that HHJ ordered against me that I must pay regardless of the distortional and disproportional costs. Totally opposite to costs awarded to J K Browne. Who must produce a bill of costs and pay £365 to have it assessed by order of HHJ Godsmark. Favour to British Gas and Ill will to J K Browne. Yes The HHJ clearly and deliberately breaches his oath of office with contempt. It is no surprise that British Gas wants to have all cases heard in Nottingham and have again requested this costs assessment be heard in Nottingham to which I objected determinedly as if so I will lose my claim and end up paying British Gas again. Yes

When you add to this the Police case in which HHJ Godsmark tries to adjudicate on this case that was not even listed. Says he will check it out and then nothing as he sweeps the case under the carpet. I did request this case be heard in London due to bias in Nottingham. Refused! This case was in effect dismissed without a hearing but made no order was made in this respect. I ma sure this was an oversight and just a misunderstanding as was the flawed order of DJ Macmillan and DJ Millard (allowed to stand) to be finalised by DJ Wylie who called the whole matter a COCK UP but gave British Gas everything they asked for and more and surprise no transcript available For wining the appeal HHJ Clark awards me £45 and the loser British Gas £3000. However this makes good sense to HHJ Godsmark who already issued instructions on the matter for HHJ Clark. This is just two examples of Bias conducted by HHJ Godsmark, there is at least 7 others.

You will be aware that you have slandered me to the MOJ and the CAC as both now ignore my complaint and 5 Appellant Notices. To say nothing of the instructions to other judges under the command of HHJ Godsmark. The CAC impartial Judges have accepted HHJ Godsmark’s word as he slanders J K Browne LIP to the effect that he is somehow persona-non-grata, a vexatious litigant that shows J K Browne in a bad light but refuses to make an order in this regard. This is clearly HHJ Godsmark instructing the Lord Justices at the CAC to refuse to grant a hearing to 5 appellant notices. HHJ Godsmark has shown extreme bias towards me throughout and the proof is in the transcripts. Particularly in the case of the unlisted police matter. Having the transcripts of all the hearings, HHJ Godsmark, HHJ Clark and Recorder Le Podevin in particular and others who have lied from the bench to favour the police and British Gas and I can prove it.

The British Gas v J K Browne lasted almost 4 years, involved 23 Judges. This could and should have been dealt with in one morning before a DJ. Who would listen to both parties, try to get agreement and if not impose one that both parties would accept. End of the matter. Why not in this case? I will be producing a comprehensive dossier of this entire matter, with relevant exhibits, to be distributed to all relevant parties including The County Court at Nottingham.

Finally I now wish to pursue my claim against the police, I therefore require an order from HHJ Godsmark dismissing my claim as without merit in order that I can Appeal this to the Supreme Court should the CAC decide to ignore me for the 6th time. Finally I paid £395 by cheque on 01/08/13 in my application against the Police, I now require the return of my money plus interest as follows

Amount £395: That is 4 years @ 8% = £126.49 2 months @ 8% = £5.27/ and 5 days @ 8% = £0.45

Total £132.21 plus £395 £527.21 Please remit £527.21 in the next 14 days

The Nottingham Judiciary were exceeding quick to allow interest on the distortional and disproportional amount of costs awarded to British Gas against me, in the region of £50,000. I requested a bill of costs for this in order that I could have these distortional and disproportional costs assessed by an impartial Judge in London. Refused: Favour to the police Ill will to the LIP.? Yes! Breaching your oath of office, Your honour.

Yours sincerely and honestly J K Browne


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