From: J K Browne To: Nottingham @ Central London County Courts

Case number 3YQ10123 J K Browne v 1st Judiciary 2nd Chief Constable Nottingham


I am now in receipt of the latest grim determination dated 05.03.2020 to see me off surreptitiously (copy attached).without any reference to me the claimant J K Browne of almost 7 years. This is outrageous, a clear conspiracy with malfeasance. I am now expected to go to London before a High Court Judge, sitting alone, who will be biased against me in no uncertain terms in support of his HHJs.in the same court building. What is the difference between a High Court Judge in London and a High Court Judge in Nottingham where all the parties are based? It is well appreciated by the writer that the chief architect of this debacle is HHJ Godsmark is top-dog in the Nottingham County Court and sometimes sits in the HIGH Court same building. This is the reason I have asked for a hearing 80 times before a JURY in right this injustice that has lasted almost 7 years. This is all part of the conspiracy to deprive J K Browne of all his fundamental human rights. This matter started in London 01.08.13 before DJ Silverman who surreptitiously transferred to Nottingham, HHJ Godsmark who touched on the matter that was not even listed and swept it under the carpet never to be seen again. HHJ Godsmark then surreptitiously transferred it back to London before HHJ Hellman who in turn surreptitiously transferred it HHJ Freeland who surreptitiously transferred it to HHJ Saggerson who surreptitiously transferred it DOWN to DJ Fine who surreptitiously transferred it to HHJ Freeland who surreptitiously held a kangaroo court on 18.10.19 with predictable outcome, he surreptitiously dismisses all 3 applications by the claimant J K Browne one of which was an application to transferred the entire matter to Nottingham before a JURY, just IGNORE! I advised this kangaroo Court over 80 times, copies available, all of which are ignored and not even acknowledged. My original appeal was to CAC who refused to hear the case on bogus grounds and suggesting an appeal to the High Court at Nottingham who now want the matter transferred back to London. The court is well aware that this matter is almost 7 years old and the above chronology is correct and provable. The writer is well aware that the intention of the High Court at London will now stall for as long as possible before transferring it back to the CAC or possibly ignoring it altogether.

Due to the above proven facts and considering that the parties reside and based in Nottingham I now request that this matter of 7 years be dealt with in Nottingham before a JURY that I have requested over 80 times and filed an application for same all ignored. Current costs of over £7000 in fees alone. This is an injustice performed by the very people sworn to uphold the laws and institutions of this UK of which I am a citizen with rights that are denied to me.

RSVP I am entitled to a considered reply

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