details of the claim to Salford

This is an Appeal to the HIGH Court Nottingham against the order of HHJ Freeland in the London County Court on 18/10/2019 in case number 3YQ10123 J K Browne v Chief Constable presumably

This Appeal rightly belongs in the Civil Appeals Court where it was placed originally within the time limit. Where it has authenticity, credibility and justification! However the CAC refuses to hear the case on the grounds that they do not have jurisdiction, this is disingenuous and hypocritical. They insist the matter must be heard in the High Court at Nottingham regardless of the fact that HHJ Godsmark who sits in the High Court and is the chief architect and promoter of this 6-year-old fiasco creating a hostile environment and justice by deception that could not be considered due process no matter what criteria used. In effect a denial of “Access to Justice 2010” and “HRA1948” particularly article 6 inter-alia. The whole matter is quite bizarre with delay and avoidance as its theme. Making it quite clear that the intention of the Lord Justices and HHJs Godsmark, Hellman, Freeland Saggerson and DJ Fine and again Freeland’s order in 18/10/19 in a kangaroo court, is to see me off by using bullying, imposing disproportional costs and stalling year after year and introducing numerous Judges to muddy the water in an effort to wear my down and get me to give up my rights to Justice. This is more like J K Browne v Judiciary or The Judiciary v J K Browne

I am now in receipt of the transcript of the kangaroo court hearing before HHJ Freeland on the 18/10/19 in case

Number 3YQ10123 where the Judiciary v J K Browne was heard resulting in the Order of said judge that I am appealing against in my application to appeal said order. My application (appellants notice) and indisputable exhibits are detailed in the bundles.

This appeal was well in time when I appealed this to the Civil Appeals Court. However, the CAC refused to hear this case as it involved members of the Judiciary in London and Nottingham. So the fault for the delay lies squarely with the CAC who procrastinated with intent! I would have thought that the transfer of this matter could and should have been transferred from the CAC to the High Court in Nottingham without delay. However, there is a conflict of interest at the CAC

The Grounds for this appeal are overwhelming and detailed in the three bundles with proven exhibits.

I now provide brief details of the history of this matter

On 16 September I was assaulted gassed by a neurotic WPC and brutalized be 2 Officers later. I have photos of my injuries and two doctors’ reports. In effect, I suffered from the post-traumatic stress disorder. I reported this to the chief constable and they closed ranks and lied like troupers. They now use tactics to undermine my complaint. Introduce at least 10 officers to muddy the water.

Clearly they are using subterfuge to talk me out of complaining so I have no alternative but to issue a money claim to force the police to come clean.

My claim to Salford was dated made and dated 01/08/14 with strict instructions that the matter be heard in London due to actual bias in Nottingham before HHJ Godsmark. This matter went to Northampton who duly transferred it to London where it was progressed in the normal way for some time.DJ Silverman. Until Godsmack succeeded in getting the matter transferred to Nottingham totally contrary to my instructions. The matter unlisted came before Godsmark 06/08/14 when advised of the non-listing immediately swept it under the carpet never to be seen again. I resurrected the matter and Godsmark transferred it back to London where it came before HHJ Hellman who again stalled it and then passed it HHJ Freeland who stalled it further and then passing it to HHJ Saggerson who stalled it again who passed down to DJ Fine. Yes, this not due process or protocol and very wrong indeed. The matter is now over 6 years old. The next thing I know is the matter is now set down for a hearing in October, with no reference to me whatsoever, at the request of the defendant the chief constable of Nottingham. I make an application that the application of the defendant is bogus and relies on the bias and favour of Freeland. That is quickly granted by biased Freeland. I advise the Court over 60 times that I would not attend this kangaroo court, again ignored. I now made an application to have this matter transferred to Nottingham before a Jury. All ignored. I issue an app notice in time and much later advised that the matter will be heard in High Court at Nottingham. The matter is now in Nottingham and when the High Court finds again me, back to the CAC I go.

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