Case number 3YK08479. British Gas v J K Browne

Please find attached the order of HHJ Godsmark dated 27/01/2015 in case no 3YK08479 British Gas Ltd claimant J K Browne defendant in which the “Claimant’s application is dismissed” and the “Claimant to pay the defendants costs of the application to be subject to detailed assessment if not agreed” An application was made by the defendant to the SCCO for this assessment and a fee of £369 was paid. My claimed costs were £1440 and justified in great detail. This was application progressed in the normal way for some time until HHJ Godsmark interfered and somehow managed to get this matter transferred to the High Court at Nottingham in which HHJ Godsmark sits. This was done surreptitiously to the disadvantage of the defendant and the advantage of the claimant and this was done without any reference to the defendant, This is not due process as the defendant is presented with a fait accompli, maladministration abuse of discretion and abuse of court power. My detailed objections in writing to the SCCO, included at accusation of bias in Nottingham, were ignored with contempt and no acknowledgement was received as the protocol requires. So the matter is now in the High Court at Nottingham. However, for the second time and there is a third 3YQ10123 HHJ Godsmark ignored protocol in the same case in another matter is not in the High Court at Nottingham. However, this will be the third time HHJ Godsmark sweeps my entire cases under the carpet never to be seen again in order to ensure and my £369 is misappropriated for the past 5 years, interest is chargable. Mr Browne does not get a fair trial and is denied Access to Justice. IT MUST BE NOTED that the claimant has not paid any costs whatsoever to comply with the HHJ Godsmark order regardless of my representations on the matter and no assessment has taken place. So the order of Godsmark is treated with utter contempt by the claimant.

I now want DEMAND AS MY RIGHT TO A FAIR TRIAL THAT this matter BE RESTORED FORTHWITH and an assessment hearing BE set down before an impartial costs Judge in the High Court. The transfer of this matter by the SCCOs own volition was improper and not due process, However to save time the matter will be dealt with by the High Court at Nottingham and my £369 would be transferred at the same time. My objections to this transfer were justified and substantially detailed but unfortunately ignored by the SCCO.

Please be aware that this case 3YK08479 was a money claim with British Gas the claimant v J K Browne defendant that took 7 years to complete involved 24 Judges 12 Hearings 12 barristers with HHJ Godsmark presiding and instructing his junior associates. Please not HHJ Godsmark involvement throughout.






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