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To: Rt.Hon.David Gauke MP

Ministry of Justice.

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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Dear David Gauke

Re: corruption in the Nottingham County Court and elsewhere

Please read below as my concern is that the Judiciary of the County Court at Nottingham are conducting a vile vendetta against me and using their status to wreak vengeance on me a litigant in Person. I can prove discrimination and wrong doing at all hearings, I have the transcripts, The king pin in the County Court at Nottingham is HHJ Godsmark’s whose grim determination to ostracise and demonize a Litigant in person ME is an extreme breach of his oath of office and more. I have transcripts of these hearings that support my contention.

I also allege fraud of £56,000 in costs disproportionally awarded to the claimant the multi-national British Gas as the Judgments are based on hatred and at the very least gross discrimination. I am fully aware that you will not want to hear any wrong doing by the Judiciary, that your Ministry have appointed, and will avoid any action in that direction. I am also fully aware of the independence of the Judiciary. However this does not extend to abuse of power and discretion and process in public office. The reason for this bias is detailed on para 4

Mr Gauke I am fully aware that you are new to the Job and you are clearly unaware of the details of this matter. However I have been writing to your two predecessors Elizabeth Truss & David Lidington, for some time now, who have just disregarded my letters with no acknowledgement whatsoever. In effect put them in the waste paper bin. I enclose three sent to Ludington and three to Truss, there are of course a lot more. These letters explain this in detail and the MOJ is duty bound to reply and investigate the entire complaint. However they with intent decided to deliberately bury the matter without examination of the facts as this is a case of extreme Judicial Bias. In effect the MOJ has failed to live up to its duties and responsibilities and as such is clearly not fit for purpose. As a Citizen and tax payer of this country I not only deserve but have a right to make a complaint and have it acted upon and receive a considered response within a reasonable time.

This is outrageous and clear Judicial bias and these unscrupulous Judges devoid of conscious are in complete denial as they pursue their determination to wreak vengeance on the LIP myself for my success against DJ Reeson (a member of the Judges brotherhood, all for one and one for all) at the CAC 2003 with costs. As a result he was forced to resign. Is there a Judge of integrity available, if so please advise

They are in effect disregarding the Acts of Parliament that they are mandated to live by and uphold. I refer the Court to “All equal before the law”, no exceptions, and are entitled without discrimination to the protection of the law. Instead of which I am arraigned and penalised by these so called Judges. All litigants are protected against any discrimination, in violation of this declaration and any incitement to such discrimination. In effect the judiciary can and are culpable in this matter.

This narrative is just a brief explanation of the overall facts of this complaint. I am of the view that there is a judicial conspiratorial cartel operating against me, a litigant in person. Will the ministry of Justice investigate or will they just ignore this communication. I sincerely hope not!

The Equality Act 2010 the Equality and Human Rights Commission 

Access to Justice Act 1999 a right and not a privilege. That cannot mean anything else.

Human Rights Act 1989 particularly Article 6. That includes the Right to a fair trial, before an impartial Judge and a level playing field

The Overriding Objective. CPR part 1.2

To say nothing of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 adopted by the United Nations.

All ignored with contempt by the very people who are duly bound to up hold them. Instead of which they issue a slanderous dossier. Maybe you have received one. However should you decide to ignore this communication you are not on your own. I am currently endeavouring to implement an order by HHJ Godsmark made on 27 January 2015; 3 years ago and have not been paid to date. This is the same Judge that is now spreading fake information about me that is slanderous to say the least. Unfortunately there is now a conspiracy by the judiciary to undermine me and my attempts to implement the order of HHJ Godsmark as this corruptive poison has been circulated to the Leicester County Court before DJ Reed and HHJ Hammond on appeal who refused to comply with the rule on recusal. The HHJ was the co-writer of “The Handbook for litigants in person” that was disregarded. HHJ Godsmark’s tentacles have also reached The High Court at Nottingham Justice Males & Justice Jay, the Royal Court of Justice, CAC Lord Justice Floyd. The Money claim Centre at Salford. The Senior Courts Costs Office, the Minister of Justice David Gaunt. With all these conspirators ganging up on the LIP myself there is no point in appealing to the Supreme Court.

It appears that I can only appeal to the European Court of Justice, The human rights Court in order to get Justice. This goes against the grain for me as it is a shame and a disgrace that I a citizen of the UK whose legal system has been adopted in most of the world has to go to a foreign court to get a hearing and an impartial Judgement. What an indictment and down grading of our Judges that ignore the rights of its citizens with contempt. I have always believed in British Justice until now.

All these judges are in breach of their oath of office and operating a personal grudge vendetta against the LIP. All these Judges are in denial and guilty of abuse of process and discretion in public office. inter alia…

I now come to the motive for this Bias.

In 1995 I took DJ (1993) Reeson to the Civil Appeals Court (CAC) 1995 in which I was awarded £450 that DJ Reeson refused to pay claiming I was either unwilling or unable to understand the order. This was untrue and intimidatory. I appealed back to the CAC to enforce their order, DJ Reeson lied to the CAC stating he did not know what this was all about and they refused to proceed. However I had the CAC order that stated that the £450 was due to me. I then claimed in the small claim court in which DJ Oliver wrongly struck it out and transferred it before DJ Bower in Sheffield who took two hearings to dismiss my claim. Appealed it to HHJ Bentley who wrongly struck it out, it then came before HHJ Shipley who took two hearings to dismiss it.

I eventually got a hearing 2003 at the CAC before Lord Justice Potter, Lord Justice Tuckey and Mr Hart. Who without hesitation found in my favour with 8 years costs. The position of DJ Reeson was now untenable and he had to resign. Justice after 8 years but Reeson did not even receive a slap on the wrist. I allege that the Nottingham Judiciary developed an extreme hatred of me due to the Reeson matter. I can well understand that this was not only embarrassing for DJ Reeson but to all his brother Judges at Nottingham.

However I never thought they would be so petty minded as to wreak vengeance on the LIP for Reeson. Since that time I have not been given a crumb and discriminated against and penalised way beyond the remit of the Judges at every opportunity. Is this criminal behaviour?

Before I give you brief examples of this provable discrimination in the British Gas case I supply two unbelievable exhibits that is clearly deliberate bias. On the 06/08/2014 HHJ Godsmark tried to hear another case against the Police that was not listed, clearly against all protocols and CPRs. When I pointed this out to the HHJ he stated he would check it out.

That was the last I or anybody else heard of the matter. I had therefore paid £396 Court fee for a service I did not receive. In effect the Court had obtained my money under false pretences. My attempts to have the case heard since or my money back is ignored. Is this discrimination?

I now give you 2 extreme examples for which I have full chapter and verse plus transcripts in the British Gas matter. DJs Millard 05/06/15/Macmillan 06/08/15 ineptly implemented a non-existent order making to LIP the victim. I appealed to HHJ Clark 30/03/2016. I make oral application for the HHJ to comply with the law on recusal on the grounds of bias or apparent or potential bias as the two DJs Millard/Macmillan and DJ Reeson involved were at least Brothers Judges in the same Court. How could she not be biased? This proved to be the case in her subsequent order.

I won the appeal and HHJ set aside the Macmillan order but the terms of said order are allowed to stand together with the interim maladroit order of DJ Millard. A total contradiction. This shows the extreme bias of this Judge under the instruction of HHJ Godsmark

As the appeal winner HHJ Clark awards me £45 costs when my claim was for £3276.80, see page 549 Cook on Costs, and compensation at the Judge’s discretion. If that is not bias enough she now awards the loser £3000 against me. During the proceedings the HHJ lied about recusal, about my entitlement to costs* and about the DJ Reeson * matter, and showed total impatience throughout. Transcript available. All this included in my appellants notice to the Civil Appeals Court and dismissed on the grounds of the next item that was totally incorrect.

The reasons given for the restrain order by Justice Jay, In effect the coup-de-grace by the Court for British Gas were based on the fact that I made too many applications, in fact I made four 2 of which in my defence. The claimant made 16 applications yet I must be restrained. Bias. The court has now ensured that I am denied Access to Justice and British Gas gets £56,000 costs.

The other reason was that I had many “without merits” against me. My defence was ignored throughout, see transcript. In fact there was only one “without merit” at a hearing before HHJ Godsmark 06/08/2014, who lied about DJ Reeson and ignored all my defence documents. See transcript, In effect I am no longer defending myself against British Gas but against the Nottingham Judiciary. The evidence presented by British Gas was accepted without question.

I am penalised and now I am no longer allowed access to Justice to defend myself. Justice Jay ordered my proceedings in the Macmillan matter to proceed unaffected by his restraint order. This case involved 24 Judges and 11 hearings over a 3.5 year period.

Currently this bias has been circulated from the Nottingham County Court to the Leicester County Court where my defence is ignored and I am again humiliated and penalised at one hearing with costs of £12,000. Is this extreme discrimination?

This matter requires an investigation of the facts by the MOJ as the above justifies the facts above as it clearly shows Bias by any person examining the facts. I do have all the proofs of the above allegations. Clearly this is very brief, should you require further information or documents please respond to the undersigned. This was a money claim that lasted over 4 years to date and involved 24 Judges & orders 12 hearings & 12 barristers & 2 Firms of solicitors. It is this maladministration? Is this incorrect procedure and abuse of the process by biased Judges

Unfortunately the CAC accepted the claimant’s word without question and ignored the LIP. All this is contained in my Appellants Notices and bundles that are ignored and no hearing is set down and my money £1761 is stolen, this is fraud?

Clearly the vengeful tentacles of the HHJ Godsmark have touched the CAC. This is worth an investigation in the name of Justice by the Justice Ministry


Lord Woolf comments in his Interim Access to Justice Report [June 95] at Para 7 of chapter 17 :-“The situation is made worse for them [litigants in person] if they have tried to understand and comply with the rules, only to find that the rules are flouted by lawyers, and effectively condoned by the Courts [Judges]”.

Access to justice is a right not a privilege and as such cannot be interpreted to mean anything else. In that regard it will play an important part in helping to maintain the Courts commitment to access to justice as a right available to all. Lord Dyson, Master of the Rolls 11th December 2012

HRA Article 6. The right to a fair trial before an impartial Judge. The right to level playing field. The right to having judges live up to their Oath of office. I will do right to all manner ofpeople after the laws and usages of this Realm without fear or favour
affection or ill will.

Please respond or at least acknowledge receipt. Please do not ignore.

We expect our judges to be honest and wise and above all impartial. Their integrity and impartiality are the bedrock of the entire judicial system. We trust them to ensure fair trials and protect the rights of all litigants’. We expect them to peruse the evidence and purely on the evidence to make a fair Judgment. We expect them to respect Civil Rights HRA. Create a level playing field. To treat litigants in person as described in the “Hand Book for litigants in Person co-written by two of the offending judges in this matter. HHJ Hampton & HHJ Peter bower. I believe I am the victim of corrupt judges in the County Court at Nottingham and I am confident I can prove this to be the case.

Fact: this was a money claim that the Nottingham Judiciary stalled for over 4 years that is bad enough in itself WHY? This claim involved 24 Judges. Why? It took 12 hearings WHY? This does not make sense no matter what criteria used. There is another explanation. In effect all were predetermined by biased Judges seeking vengeance. The motivation for this bias is DJ Reeson that lost his case at the CAC in the case brought by a LIP.

Finally it is well understood by the undersigned that you do not want to believe these provable facts, however are you really prepared to ignore the wrong doing and corruption by the Judiciary particular HHJ Godsmark. These facts are true and they have not been denied.

This letter is sent be recorded delivery for which I will have a signature that it is received as it is possible you will ignore this narrative and copy your predecessors. Please reply in the next 10 days Should you not do so please at least acknowledge receipt of this letter. Should I not hear from you in some way I will proceed accordingly?

This letter has 4 pages and it barely scratches the surface of this malfeasances.

This is a statement of truth duly signed by J K Browne below.

Yours most sincerely and honestly by a citizen of integrity with Human rights.

J K Browne date Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Enclosures: Three letters to David Lidington Three letters to Elizebth Thruss

Transcript of the 06/08/2014 hearing before HHJ Godsmark

The listing for that day 06/08/2014

List of Judges involved in the British Gas debacle


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