I make no apologies for some repetition of these actualities!

3YK08479:3YQ10123: 2019/P1/12356

List of Judges involved in this conspiracy that started when I took legal action and made a justifiable and logical money claim number 3YQ10123 to Salford dated 01/08/2013 that must be the most travelled and elongated money claim case on record. Should be in the Guinness Book of records!

Salford money claim 01/08/2013

To Northampton County Court for adjudication DDJ Freeman

Who transfers it to London County Court before DJ Silverman

Who transfers it to Nottingham before HHJ Godsmark who sweeps it under the carpet in the hope it will disappear, when the claimant rejects this malfeasance Godsmark transfers it back to London before HHJ Hellman who transfers it to

HHJ Freeland who transfers it to Saggerson who transfers it to DJ Fine then back to HHJ Freeland who holds a Kangaroo court and issues a discriminatory order

The claimant understandable appeals this order to the CAC who in turn claims dishonestly “no jurisdiction” and transfers it to High Court at Nottingham HHJ Godsmark who also sits in the High Court, who transfers it back to High Court at London who transfers it back to Nottingham where it now awaits a hearing before a JURY

Estimated mileage 990 miles. Estimated postal costs £100

Estimated costs of Courts administration at least £600 and rising. Costs to the claimant over £6000 and rising

So much for the “overriding objective” see page 6 Below! Has Godsmark,Freeland Saggerson and DJ Fine lost the plot or is wreaking vengeance on Mr.Browne all-consuming to the exclusion of everything else including due process?

Particularly HHJ Godsmark HHJ Hellman HHJ Freeland HHJ Saggerson DJ Fine CAC transfers to Nottingham High Court and HHJ Godsmark transfers it back to London in case 3YQ10123 now almost 7 years stalled with malice intent to deny access to Justice and human rights to Mr Browne to say nothing of the devious manipulating police solicitor who wants to short-circuit the legal system to achieve an unlawful result. Part 3 of 7 proof of discrimination

And all the lesser Judges it concerns

The reason for this vengeance

Lord Justice Potter, Lord Justice Tuckey Mt Justice Hart 07/04/03. Found In my favour with costs £7000 against D J Reeson but not until 3 District Judges Reeson, Oliver, Bower and 3 Circuit Judges Bullimore, Bentley, Shipley had dismissed my case against DJ Francis Robert Vivien Reeson. DJ Reeson was a Brother Judge in the mutual fraternity guild of Judges (The Brotherhood) in the Nottingham County Court and as a result his position was untenable and he was forced to resign by the chair of the said Brotherhood HHJ Godsmark. What was this case all about, in effect 2 Lord Justices in 1995 ordered DJ Reeson to pay J K Browne £450 that Reeson refused to pay resulting in the above order 6 Judges involved at 2 hearings. It is well understood that this was not only humiliating for Reeson but for the entire Judiciary in Nottingham. However I did not believe they would use their status to wreak vengeance on Mr Browne as a result! Boy was I wrong!

Since that time HHJ Godsmark ensured the word has gone out to all County Court Judges, High Court Judges Justices and Lord Justices that Mr Browne must not win anything and must be humiliated and heavily penalised by all judges at all times regardless of the evidence that was ignored in order that harmony with the judicial conspiracy led by HHJ Godsmark would be implemented, as they all set out to bust and destroy the LIP. This is at least nepotism and discrimination, abuse of discretion and power in public office to say nothing of breaching their oath of office and promises made to our Sovereign Queen Elizabeth Second (Treason) by 28 Nottingham Judges in the matters below. Proofs available!

Prior to the British Gas case DJ MacHale Leicester took two hearings to dismiss my claim against C. Middleton a fellow legal who had taken my money and sided with DJ Reeson her mentor. No transcript. Details available! Also before DJ Hale against CDS a debt collector who took my money and did nothing again two hearings, no costs to the plaintiff, to dismiss my claim before another fellow legal.

In addition DDJ Kitto and DJ Reed and HHJ Hammond were involved as my so called solicitor sued their client because he would not do as he was told. 5 Judges 7 hearings

Judges involved in the British Gas v J K Browne since March 13. A Money Claim B2/2015/2209. Claim was issued March 2013 with a very short listing. Taken unawares I. requested extra time and was refused, made application to Court for same. Before the hearing British Gas (Moon Beaver) relented and agreed to allow extra time and pay half the Cost, it should have been the lot. DJ Millard 21/08/13 Directions Order! I complied, British Gas did not. 2 Judges involved no hearings!

DJ Hale 09/12/13 dated 11/12/13 an “unless Order” to comply with the order of DJ Millard. He found for British Gas, no costs order. He was silence regarding my original Application. The start of the bias! He ignored 5 Bundles & Defence Documents and skeleton arguments. HHJ Godsmark allowed appeal on costs only. Summarily dismissed without a hearing on 16/02.15 flawed order dated 24/04/15 by Kitto.

Corrected order 05/05 15. No mention of Without Merit! My defence is systematically and deliberately suppressed! Bias. 3 Judges iinvolved 1 hearing.

DDJ Roberts 07/01/14 dated 14/01/14 Phil Bentley witness summons. Application by BG to set aside. Granted immediately with costs! Ignored 5 Bundles & Defence Docs and skeleton arguments No mention of Without Merit! Defence systematically suppressed, muted. 1 Judge I hearing

HHJ Godsmark 21/05/15* 23/12/13* 27/01/15* 06/08/14* 04/06/14* 31/07/14* 07/05/15* Hale/Roberts appeals Refused. Ignored 5 Bundles & Defence Doc & skeleton arguments but certified as Without Merit anyway. I Judge 7 hearings

District Judge Lloyd Jones 04/10/13 03/11/14 No hearing. No mention of Without Merit Defence systematically suppressed muted

Order from unnamed Judge 15/12/14 No hearing No mention of Without Merit Defence systematically suppressed muted

Unnamed A proper officer 07/11/13 No hearing No mention of Without Merit Defence systematically suppressed muted

DDJ Maybury 4/01/13 No hearing No mention of Without Merit Defence systematically suppressed muted

DJ Nicolle 23/12/13 NO hearing No mention of Without Merit Defence systematically suppressed muted

DDJ Reynolds 08/07/14 No hearing No mention of Without Merit Defence systematically suppressed muted

To all parties Order 08/07/14 No hearing No mention of Without Merit Defence systematically suppressed muted

HHJ Inglis 07/04/14 No hearing. Ignored 5 Bundles Defence Doc No mention of Without Merit Defence systematically suppressed muted Struck out set down 18/07/14 No hearing No mention of Without Merit Defence systematically suppressed muted

The hearing of claimants app for dis 18/11/13 NO hearing No Without Merit Defence systematically suppressed muted

The trial to take place 09/01/14/11/12/13 No hearing/consultation. No Without Merit Defence systematically suppressed muted

Particularly my appeal to Mr Justice Males 27/11/14. No Hearing allowed. His order a clear copy of HJ Godsmark 06/08/2014 order that I am appealing against including the without merit certificate. Ignores the evidence of 5 Bundles & 2 defence documents & skeleton arguments. Defence systematically suppressed muted. 11 Judges involved I hearing

Order of HHJ Godsmark 27/01/2015. In which the application by BG for a restraint order is refused with costs. BG refuse to pay and this refusal was approved by HHJ Godsmark. The Judges know all the angles and dodges and totally ignore the principles. So much for integrity! Still solicitors are not noted for their honestly and some unfortunately become Judges. They are making big money out of this prolonged money claim.

Over three years at that time, Maybe even creating it. BG makes 16 applications, J K Browne only 4. Yet J K Browne is the bad guy and penalised. No mention of Without Merit! Defence systematically suppressed muted by Godsmark. 2 judges involved 1 Hearing

The flawed Order of DJ Kitto dated 24/04/15 for hearing that took place 16/02/15 two months later. I reported these errors to the Court. Moons as “officers of the Court” failed to do so! So much for integrity in the legal fraternity. Wrong judge and wrong 2 day hearing, it was only one. No mention of Without Merit! Defence systematically suppressed muted

Amended Order by Recorder Piodevin 05/05/15 for 16/02/15 66 days later. Hearing set for 2 days one for British Gas case and one for Mr Browne’s defence. The second day was cabcekked so not defence allowed to be heard. Ignored 5 Bundles & Defence Docs and skeleton arguments. Recorder Poidevin accepted the one sided trial. Made no questions of me. 2 Judges involved 1 all day hearing.

Interim charging order by DJ Millard Ignoring 5 Bundles & 2 Defence Documents and skeleton arguments.

My reply to DJ Millard. Ignored completely. No mention of Without Merit. Defence systematically suppressed by the Court!

Hearing of 27/07/15 before DJ Macmillan in which the DJ implemented an order that did not exist. Totally wrong! 5 Bundles & 2 Defence Documents ignored. Again British Gas gets everything they ask for and more. I get scowls and British Gas gets broad smiles. The vengeance of HHJ Godsmark at Nottingham goes on apace in order to humiliate and penalise me in their determinations to see me off, is bizarre to say the least. No mention of Without Merit! Defence systematically suppressed muted. 2 Judges involved 1 hearing

To this point

Order of Justice Jay 17/02/2016 re restraint order. 6 bundles 2 defence docs and skeleton arguments plus damning exhibits totally ignored. The lip is heavily penalised again. Defence systematically suppressed muted. Order of HHJ Clark 30/03/2016 in which all evidence is ignored as always, again the lip is penalised extensively.B2/2016/1611

No mention of Without Merit. Defence systematically suppressed muted. Finally DJ Wylie carried out the order of HHJ Clark to place a charging order on Mr Browne’s property for over £50,000. Transcript suppressed. This is a Court of record and this transcript is available. At the hearing the DJ called the case a cock up. Confirmed the recording was taken place and then suppresses it.

22 named and 6 unnamed Judges & a Lord Justice 29 total plus 6 in the DJ Reeson matter above. Making a total of 36.

I now can add 4 more judges in Liverpool who have joined the Conspiracy. The defendant is a solicitor Kevin Donoghue the result is obvious. Ex solicitor DJ Coffey, current solicitor DDJ Birtlin, HHJ Wood and ex solicitor DJ Harrison. Clear bias! All Devoid of conscious and decency! Good solicitor knows the law but a great solicitor knows the Judge

5 Judges involved no hearings. The defendant is a well known Liverpool solicitor and all the Judges were or are Liverpool solicitors. HOW BIASED can THAT on top of this I have 4 appellant notices ignored and fees amounting to £1761 stolen by the CAC. What is next in this Malfeasance

It is well known that “no merit” is a prelude to a restraint order is that what DJ Fine wants in cooperation with the Police solicitor. How is that for Bias. Use your status DJ Fine if all else fails.

The exhibits attached

  1. Copy letter from Staples with no case number dated 04/03/19. unapologetic for wasting my time and that of the Court
  2. Copy of the original claim form 3YQ10123 for £25K please not the date of this claim 01/08/13that is almost 6 years ago and is still stalled by HHJ Hellman, how is that for bias and misconduct in public office, also note the preferred Court was London County Court ignored, also my £395 paid and not refunded was for a hearing that has never taken place but having completed all requirements HMCT service persist in stealing my money condoned by HHJ Godsmark.
  3. Transcript of case no 3YK08479 06/08/18
  4. Listing for that day
  5. Due Process, unfortunately ignored by all judges
  6. Equality Act unfortunately ignored by all judges
  7. Handbook for Litigants in person co-written by HHJ Hammond the afore mentioned judge at Leicester
  8. Request for Judgement ignored also. How is that for bias!
  9. Quotations relevant to this entire matter.
  10. Lord Woolf comments in his Interim Access to Justice Report [June 95] at Para 7 of chapter 17 :-“The situation is made worse for them [litigants in person] if they have tried to understand and comply with the rules, only to find that the rules are flouted by lawyers, and effectively condoned by the Courts [Judges]”.
  11. Access to justice is a right not a privilege and as such cannot be interpreted to mean anything else.In that regard it will play an important part in helping to maintain the Courts commitment to access to justice as a right available to all. Lord Dyson, Master of the Rolls 11th December 2012
  12. HRA Article 6. The right to a fair trial before an impartial Judge. The right to level playing field.
  13. Affirmation – Judicial
    I, ____________ , do solemnly sincerely and truly declare and affirm that I will well and truly serve our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth the Second in the office of Judge, and I will do right to all manner of people after the laws and usages of this Realm without fear or favour affection or ill will. The right to having judges live up to their Oath of office.
  14. We expect our judges to be honest and wise and above all impartial. Their integrity and impartiality are the bedrock of the entire judicial system. We trust them to ensure fair trials and protect the rights of all litigants’. We expect them to peruse the evidence and purely on the evidence to make a fair Judgment. We expect them to respect Civil Rights HRA. Create a level playing field. To treat litigants in person as described in the “Hand Book for litigants in Person co-written by two of the offending judges in this matter. HHJ Hampton & HHJ Peter Bower.
  15. The Overriding Objective
  16. 4.6 CPR Part 1.1 provides that “These Rules are a new procedural code with the overriding objective of enabling the court to deal with cases justly and at proportionate cost”. ‘Dealing with a case justly’ has always been the aim of the English civil court, but from 1 April 2013 this ‘overriding objective’ is given a new definition. By virtue of CPR Part 1.2 “Dealing with a case justly and at proportionate costs includes, so far as is practicable –
  17. (a) Ensuring that the parties are on an equal footing; No effort was made to achieve this
  18. (b) Saving expense; this case was totally opposite to this. Over £50,000 awarded to British Gas and the litigant in person is penalised disproportionately again. Over 4years
  19. (c) Dealing with the case in ways which are proportionate –4 years for a money claim
  20. (i) To the amount of money involved;
  21. (ii) To the importance of the case;
  22. (iii) To the complexity of the issues; this was a simple money claim and
  23. (iv) To the financial position of each party; No account was taken of this
  24. (d) Ensuring that it is dealt with expeditiously and fairly;3.5 years and
  25. (e) Allotting to it an appropriate share of the court’s resources, while taking
  26. into account the need to allot resources to other cases. 3.5 years
  27. (f) Enforcing compliance with rules, practice directions and orders. ”The Overriding objective
  28. The judge must never put himself in a position where he might be thought by a neutral observer to be favouring one party over his opponent, even where the party concerned is a litigant in person and his opponent a barrister of many years’ standing, well able to look after himself and his client. Thus, the judge cannot become the advocate of the litigant in person, on the contrary all judges in this case were advocates for British Gas. See transcripts. For the role of a judge is fundamentally different to that of an advocate. He must ensure a fair trial, and not afford an advantage to the litigant in person. In this case the Judges became advocates for British Gas(see transcripts) and offers clear advantage to British Gas to the detriment of the defendant LIP not the other way around. Clear hypocrisy and gross discrimination in effect victimization and a clear vendetta as I won my case against District Judge Reeson(Nottingham Brotherhood) in the CAC with costs 1995/2003.

The undersigned confirm that the above is truth and nothing but the truth.

J K Browne


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