05.06.2020 to Ruth MP bridgford

Mr. John Kenneth Browne 

24 Bridgford Road West Bridgford

Nottingham NG2 6AB

P & F 0115 9142546 M: 07776 306668

Email: jkb24@btinternet.com

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17-19 Rectory Road

West Bridgford

Nottingham NG2 6BE

Saturday, 06 June 2020

Dear Ruth Edwards

Corrupt Judges in Kangaroo Courts

As you can see from my address above, I am a constituent of yours in West Bridgford and a Citizen and subject of the UK with all the rights and responsibilities that this entails. Unfortunately my case against the police of criminal assault by a WPC who used live threatening gas on a 72 year old man and later by 3 brutal officers, that was bad enough, now our courts of law are stalling the hearing of this case for 6+ years and ongoing. Is this malfeasance? Police brutality is endemic not just in USA

In effect HHJ Godsmark is operating a war of attrition against Mr Browne. I imagine you will be sceptical! However I can prove everything by documentary evidence and authentic original exhibits including Court Orders letters of directions and ignoring of my claims without trial. Where I paid Court fees in this case 3YQ10123 of £395 on 01/08/13 that was never heard or refunded and other fees totalling £1761 was not refunded either. How is that for bias! This is gross dishonesty by the Judiciary. Are these Judges devoid of conscious?

All I want is JUSTICE! that after 6.5 years is denied to me by corrupt Judges in kangaroo courts. I have contacted you many times by email pointing out the details of this case 3YQ10123 that started on 01/08/2013 and is still on going 08/06/20. In effect, funny business in progress for 6.5 years! Unfortunately I never received any reply, just an automatic confirmation email received and ignored! Justice delayed is Justice denied

I fully understand about the “independence of the judiciary” etc. that is abused! and does not permit malfeasance, misconduct in public office or abuse of the process or using their status to take personal vengeance against an individual, myself. Because I succeeded in winning my case against a rogue brother DJ Reeson at the CAC! This current case has been stalled for 7 years, It started on 01/08/13 in London then to Nottingham then back to London before HHJ Hellman who passes it Freeland who passes it to Saggerson who passes it down to DJ Fine who passes it back to Freeland kangaroo order then it is appealed to the CAC.

The CAC passes this appeal to Nottingham High Court to be heard before a JURY only to find Nottingham passes it back to London. Then London passes it back to Nottingham again. Nottingham now passes it again back to London who passes it again to Nottingham.

Then Nottingham passes it back to London who passes it back to Nottingham where presumably it is now stalled! Unbelievable my cheque for £240 court fee after 2 weeks has not been presented for payment. What in the name of JUSTICE and HMC&T Service is going on? What chicanery next I ask myself? This is case number 3YQ10123 01/08/2013 6.5 years stalled again again and again. How biased is that?

The chief architect of this fiasco is HHJ Godsmark and I can prove it categorially. Unfortunately who judges the judges, but the judges, in effect the Judges sit in judgment on themselves! The outcome will be dishonest and predictable. Is this the Judicial Mafia? It is now time to have judges elected as no judge has ever been impeached as they are fully protected by the brotherhood’s grand master. HHJ Godsmark will do everything in his power to prevent this matter been heard by an impartial Judge, as the king pin in Nottingham he can sweep any entire matter under the carpet, as he has done 3 times already, proved! Because he has committed malfeasance and misconduct in public office, that is tantamount to criminality. So he creates a hostile environment for Mr Browne and operates Justice by deception! Due process ignored! How biased is that. Rule on recusal refused illegally! This matter must be heard before a JURY forthwith, but not while Godsmark continues to rule or retires, attrition will continue!

As my MP I only expect you to approach the Ministry of Justice and the Equality Human rights commission regarding this breach of my Human Rights, to get an explanation for their disregard of the proved issues and due process, and letting me know their response. They will of course be in denial but will come up with something to excuse their ineptitude. You have the authority as an MP and my MP so to do!

To say nothing of Godsmark’s denial of my right to “access to Justice 2010” “my fundamental human rights Act 1948” and most importantly the “overriding objective” all currently disregarded by the Nottingham/London Judiciary, HHJ Godsmark! This is all wrong doing!

I firmly believe that you have not read or seen my emails as your assistant will has binned them without your knowledge or consent! To protect you!

Incidentally I did vote for you last December, this was the first time since 1997 as I pursued my determination to leave the EU. I firmly believe we are better off “out”. I could be wrong we will soon find out!

I will now send a copy of this letter to the Civil Appeals Court Master Meacher Associate, The Central London County Court HHJ Freeland etc and of course the chief architect HHJ Godsmark at the Nottingham Court.

Should you have any questions regarding the above please contact the undersigned! Thank you for reading this letter and I look forward to receiving a measured response in due course.

Yours sincerely

J K Browne

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