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Dear Ruth Edwards MP,

Please be aware that this letter and others are now posted to my website

Thank you for your email for this I am grateful, however you are doing the usual and thing by side stepping and avoiding the issue in effect negating! Nothing to do with me mate! Exactly what Godsmark has been doing for 8 years!

I have never asked you to intervene in this current case nor would I ever, why would I do such a thing!

Let me make this quite clear. I have asked you as my MP to approach the minister responsible, for an explanation for this fiasco and why my claim made on 01/08.2013 was never heard, and the fee of £395 was never refunded. The Judges involved just ignore my representations in this regard and sweep it under the carpet consciously depriving the claimant of his £395, “access to Justice 2010” , “Equality and Human Rights Commission” a funded agency. “The overriding Objective”, inter alia and with intent created a “hostile environment” for J K Browne lead by HHJ Godsmark who refuses to give an account of himself as he expects all before him to do?

What you are saying is that proof of corruption taking place in the Nottingham Courts of Justice is none of your concern as an MP, regardless of the fact that this is a local issue. You will be aware it is the responsibility of every citizen never mind a MP to report fraud no matter by whom or where it is committed.

Let me say there is nothing wrong with the laws of this country that are made in our Parliament, in effect by our MPs of which you are one. However they are interpreted and manipulated by discriminating and vengeful Judges to fit up a customer of the HMC&T service, with excessive costs. In effect to bust him and see him off, that will be supported by all the brothers in the brotherhood, in effect the Judges trade union, all of which are appointed by the Ministry of Justice, who negate all complaints by ignoring them.

All Acts of Parliament are passed by MPs into law that must be adhered to by all citizens, except Judges of course, this is dictatorship. Typified by kangaroo courts as in nazi germany, the USSR and the Wild West and others.

All equal before the law is spit on, the Magna Carta is spit on. So we have judges devoid of conscious, we have justice by deception, justice by prevarication, justice by kangaroo courts. This eventually leads to anarchy. But my local MP does not want to know. Do I live in England, a democratic country where the rights of the individual are paramount? Not while Godsmark sits on the bench!

I made a claim 01/08/2013 and paid £395 for a hearing that never took place, no refund was made and my representations about same are disregarded with intent. This is theft and the Theft Act 1968 applies? Obtaining money under false pretentions, larceny embezzlement, do you really believe this has nothing to do with you as a law maker and my MP?

There is nothing wrong with our legal system but there is corruption in the Judiciary at Nottingham that unfortunately is never challenged so Judges can literally get away with murder with the support of their brother Judges and the local MP.

I now come to your suggestion that I consult a solicitor, yes I have done this only to find that Solicitors/barristers are the most dishonest people I have even known and generally are not known for their integrity in effect they LIE a lot. Their fellow associates, the judiciary, always believe them particularly when the opposition is a litigant in person! When there is two so called opposing solicitors they get together and decide who will win and who will lose, usually financial CONSIDERATIONS, and they will cooperate and present the case accordingly. I have been a victim of such and have the proof. An actual case in point available! He says I have an excellent case and then demands £5000 up front, and does nothing. I consulted two other solicitors who again took my money and did nothing. Unfortunately some of these solicitors become our partial Judges and carry on with their fraud in the full knowledge that they will get clean away with it, like Godsmark is doing right now. I repeat that I do not want you to intervene but ask questions of the minister please!

Judges hold all before them to account and then refuse to be accountable themselves, in effect they lie if necessary. I have asked Godsmark numerous times to explain the present situation in which my claim is stalled for 7 years and my £395 misappropriated. No reply WHY? So much for “All equal before the Law”

We expect our judges to be Honourable, Principled, Moral, Ethical, And Honest and Wise and above all Impartial, I repeat IMPARTIAL! That means having no direct involvement or interest in the matter and not favouring one litigant more than the other. Should an impartial Judge have an interest he will withdraw and pass the matter to an impartial Senior Judge possibly in a different Court in the interests of Justice? HHJ Godsmark spits on all of this. Honesty integrity and impartiality are the bedrock of the entire judicial system. We trust them to ensure fair trials and protect the rights of all litigants’ even litigants in person. We expect them to peruse the evidence and purely on the evidence to make a fair Judgment. Godsmark does not even look at the evidence. ARE WE WRONG and allow godsmark to be a dictator who can do no wrong. So much for “The rule of Law”

We expect them to respect fundamental basic Human Rights, ECHR, and HRA, Create a level playing field. To treat litigants in person with respect as described in the “Hand Book for litigants in Person” co-written by two of the offending judges in this matter. HHJ Hampton & HHJ Peter Bower. (For another time) ARE WE ALL STUPID TO BELIEVE THE ABOVE OR ARE WE JUST VICTIMS OF CON ARTISTS AS THEY PROCEED TO RIP US OF. I am the victim of corrupt judges in the County Court at Nottingham and elsewhere and am confident I can prove this! As a result Judges will now do everything in their power, even lying and ignoring their oath of office, to avoid a hearing before a JURY for reasons already stated. Is this Bias?

Having said all that I am confident that 80% of Judges are Hardworking Diligent Honest Decent people and always produce honourable and justifiable adjudications! Unfortunately they will not be allowed to hear my case. Godsmark will ensure that he and his cohorts will always deal with any case involving myself for obvious reasons. An honest Judge would find for me as my main witness would be Godsmark and that would lead to his resignation. He will avoid that like the poison! By abusing his status and obliging his brothers to do the same!

Finally you take issue with regard to my previous emails and letters that were the truth and nothing but the truth however you have ignored them with disdain, you just don’t want to know? I make no apologies for the contents of my emails as you have ignored all the evidence presented in said emails, particularly the transcript of the unlisted case before HHJ Godsmark referred to by him in the unlisted case, when advised sweeps the entire matter under the carpet never to be seen again and that would be the end of Mr.Browne, or so Godsmark thought in his arrogance. Be aware this is just scratching the surface of this entire fiasco. Godsmark then continued to wreak his vengeance on Mr J K Browne at every opportunity on behalf of District Judge Reeson.

You will be aware that no Judge has ever been impeached (sacked) this suggests they are 100% honest. NO! they are certainly not honest! Does Ruth believe this lie! Because I am a litigant in person Godsmark feels free to abuse his status, breach his oath of office, ignore all acts of parliament, ignore all CPRs in the white book, to avenge DJ Reeson, Godsmarks protégé. As he is immune for prosecution! There is also the rule on recusal that Godsmark ignores, that requires Judges to stand down when personally involved, Godsmark spits on this! There is no doubt he is involved and uses his status to lie about the matter!

Who Judges the Judges the answer is “Judges” who sit in Judgement on themselves and the outcome will be malfeasance and predictable and false!

Judges who hold all before them to account refuse to be accountable themselves, in effect Hypocrites! I have asked Godsmark to account for the present situation in which my claim is stalled and my £395 misappropriated since 01/08/2013. No reply WHY? Theft is defined by section 1 of the 1968 Act as dishonestly appropriating property belonging to another with the intention of permanently depriving the other of it. I am deprived of my £395 by HHJ Godsmark!

Nigel Graham Godsmark Screen-Shot-2015-08-06-at-08.32.55

Comments by impartial senior Judges

Lord Woolf comments in his Interim Access to Justice Report [June 95] at Para 7 of chapter 17 :-“The situation is made worse for them [litigants in person] if they have tried to understand and comply with the rules, only to find that the rules are flouted by lawyers, and effectively condoned by the Courts [Judges]”. Goods mark is one of them

Access to justice 1999 is a right not a privilege and as such cannot be interpreted to mean anything else. In that regard it will play an important part in helping to maintain the Courts commitment to access to justice as a right available to all. Lord Dyson, Master of the Rolls   11th December 2012. Godsmark is the law and arrogantly ignores Lord Dyson

HRA Article 6. 1948 The right to a fair trial before an impartial Judge. The right to level playing field. Godsmark wants the HRA repealed and replaced with the Godsmark ACT!

Judges oath of Office

I, Nigel Graham Godsmark do solemnly sincerely and truly declare and affirm that I will well and truly serve our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth the Second in the office of Judge, and I will do right to all manner of people after the laws and usages of this Realm without fear or favour affection or ill will. The right to having judges live up to their Oath of office.

This is a statement of truth that will be ignored by the County Court at Nottingham

I, Ruth Edwards do swear that I will be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, her heirs and successors, according to law. (The Judges oath of Office) So help me God.

In effect, as a customer of Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunal service (a local issue) I am ripped off and my £395 stolen on 01/08/2013 (Theft Act 1968) at the behest of HHJ Godsmark as he steals my money and continues to wreak vengeance on J K Browne because of DJ Reeson. DJ Reeson was a portege of Godsmark and he was angry and lied about it twice to Mr Browne from the bench, as did DDJ Wrigley, as did HHJ Clark as did HHJ Wood (More later)

Finally I am fully aware that you will not have contacted Godsmark, nor would I expect you to! as that would be intervening so you will no doubt decide to ignore this entire document as you really do not want to know or rock the boat. Not-with-standing this I will continue to my search for Justice as my case is evidentially substantially proven and right, all that is needed is an honest Judge, why do you think HHJ Godsmark is so determined to avoid a hearing for almost 7 years. This is not due process or legal, it is malfeasance!

Kangaroo Court - TV Tropes

To keep you up to date HHJ Hellman sent my bundles back from London to Nottingham again. These remain again in Nottingham together with my cheque for £240 court fee payable to the High Court for my appeal, that can now be added to the £395 fee for my Claim 7 year ago, none of which has been heard to date, or refunded. It has taken 10 days for my cheque £240 to be cashed 03/06/2020, but no sign of a listing for my Appeal. Godsmark will block this as he has done numerous time to date. How is he allowed to get away with this malfeasance.

However no hearing before a JURY has been listed. Is this another case of Godsmark misappropriating my money for the fifth time and still refusing to allow my appeal to be heard. The High Court at Nottingham where HHJ Godsmark sits is in denial. That is why I now insist on a JURY trial to be listed forthwith. Godsmark makes no secret of his intention to stall this out until he retires or I give up, I have no intention of giving up. I will continue to fight this INJUSTICE for as long as it takes.

This letter is meant for you primarily as my request is within your remit, if not then what is your function as MP. l will, of course, post this latter on my website for my readers comments.

Is it possible that innocent people end up in jail as the Judge did not like their assertiveness, nationality, personality, race( I am originally Irish), colour to say nothing of their intense dislike of Litigants of 1n Person and other prejudices afflicting Judges ability to arrive at an impartial Judgement.

I do know the difference between right and wrong and this carry on by Godsmark is evidently Wrong! Wrong! Wrong! And gross malfeasance!

I repeat again that I am not asking you to intervene in any way or form in this case just a few questions to the appropriate Minister is all I require.

Ho! What a tangled web HHJ Godsmark weaved when first decided to deceive!

J K Browne

Attachments: Transcript of unlisted case before Godsmark

The official listing for that day

List of Judges involved in the two cases 3YQ10123 & 3YK08479

(Please note Godsmark involvement in every aspect of both cases, he does not want these cases to come before an impartial honest Judge! It is obvious WHY? How long can his status protect him, good question!


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