Claim form to Salford 29.08.20

John Kenneth Browne 

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Nottingham NG2 6AB

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The Court Manager

County Court at Nottingham

60 Canal Street

Nottingham NG2

This letter is deliberately intended for the Court Manager as enough is enough all my correspondence, that amounts to hundreds of letters, to this court that is deliberately ignored, my money £240 and other amounts are taken from my bank account and my 3 bundles of evidence for my appeal to the High Court are ignored and have currently disappeared entirely, this is malfeasance in no uncertain terms.

I now have to satisfy myself that the Court Manager and the Court administration are not implicated in this judicial conspiracy, led by Mr. N G Godsmark and his cohorts? The motivation for this conspiracy has been expressed many times and ignored to protect the guilty.


I quote below the duties and responsibilities of the Court Manager and it is clear there are some duties in the Court Manager that have not complied with in these current cases.

Ensure that the processes and procedures of the court (including for filing, scheduling, the conduct of adjudication, access to information and documents and grievance redressal) are fully compliant with the policies and standards established by the High Court for court management and that they safeguard quality, ensure …7 Mar 2019

I now show where these duties come up short.

Ensure that the processes and procedures, in effect due process, of the court (including for filing (my 3 bundles of evidence for my appeal where are they? scheduling, the conduct of adjudication, In effect a due process Judgment, access to information and documents I now want to see all documents held by the Court and grievance redressal) to adjust a situation to make things fair and equal are fully compliant with the policies and standards established by the High Court for court management and that they safeguard quality, ensure …7 Mar 2019

Duties and key responsibilities of the Court Manager

  1. Keeping accounts of payments received and expenditure incurred (ensuring that all money payable for services provided is received and properly accounted for)
  2. Producing basic quarterly accounts for the Court accountant

This raises questions: where is my £240 that passed through my bank 03/06/20 where is my £395 and my £369 all of which went through my bank and no hearing took place and my money was not refunded. Do I really have to go to the small claims court at Salford to recover my Money, embezzled by HMC&T Service at the behest of Mr. NG Godsmark?

Now read on for further details already on file as the Nottingham Court is a Court of record

HHJ Godsmark has now completed for the fourth time the act of sweeping my cases under the carpet and depriving Mr. Browne of his access to Justice and his fundamental human rights to say nothing of his money. Mr. N G Godsmark has swept four cases under the carpet never to be seen again in his determination to illegally see Mr. Browne off since 01/08/13, in effect malfeasance!

Case number one1) Case no 3YK08479 that was a simple money claim that Godsmark managed to extend for 8 years in which he managed to hit Mr. Browne for costs of at least £100,000, Godsmark now believes assumes he had busted Mr. Browne and that would be the end of Mr. Browne, or so he thought, no it was not! This case involved 24 Judges 24 Orders 12 kangaroo court hearings 12 Barristers, in effect malfeasance, misconduct by a public office that cannot be legally justified and against the law.

Case number 2: 3YQ10123 when he succeeded, by devious means, in getting this case transferred from the London Court to Nottingham, contrary my to claim form instructions, and then just touching on it, as it was not listed for that day or any other day. See the transcript and listing for that day. Then he swept it under the carpet with intent to bury it and never to be seen again, or so he thought! The claimant reinstated the matter and now Godsmark is under pressure to rid himself of the matter, again by devious means, Justice by deception and omission, as he has committed malfeasance, by ignoring all Acts of Parliament, all CPRs, and due process. He breaches his oath of office with a “nothing to do with me mate” attitude and then used his status to again transfer the matter back to London.

Case number 3: On 27/01/2015 I won my case and Godsmark made an order in my favour, against British Gas, a copy of said order attached in which I am awarded costs to be assessed. This was sent to the SCCO for assessment. It was processed there for some time and then Godsmark managed to have it transferred to Nottingham. Where Godsmark swept it under the carpet never to be seen again or so he thought. I am now in the process of reinstating the matter. I paid £369 to the SCCO for this assessment that was never refunded and as no hearing took place it is misappropriation, in effect stolen. Theft Act in other words.

Case number 3YQ10123, claim dated 01/08/13, after over 7 years of prevaricating delay and evasion by HHJs Godsmark, Hellman, Saggerson Freeland, and DJ Fine, HHJ Freeland set down a kangaroo court in September 2019 over 6 years later which he ignores all the evidence and 2 applications by the claimant and only recognises the applications of the defendant, clear Malfeasance. As with all the judges involved, he uses this status to avoid accountability for his part in this conspiracy

Case number 4: I appeal Freeland’s order to the CAC they refuse to hear it and directs that the matter belongs in the HIGH Court at Nottingham. Where 3 bundles of indisputable evidence were supplied to Nottingham together with a £240 court fee that was cashed on 03/06/20 as at the current date 28/08/20 no hearing has taken place, no listing has been set down and no refund made. I must point out that this dishonourable judge Godsmark has involved himself in every aspect of every case in which I am involved as he wreaks his personal acts of vengeance on the claimant and refuses recusal. Now he just ignores my 3 bundles of evidence for my appeal steals my £240 fee and endeavours to sweep the lot under the carpet again. He offers no explanation, no directions, no confirmation, and no receipt for my £240, this dereliction of his duty and responsibilities as a Judge and clear malfeasance! Misconduct in public office and unmistakeably will have been aided and abetted by the Court Manager, the Court administrators’ in order to achieve this malfeasance and malpractice in public office that is clearly illegal.

He who is not for the law must be against it. Mr. Godsmark is certainly not for the law as he is devoid of conscious, offers justice be deception, wreaks personal vengeance from the bench, lies from the bench. In effect abuses his status with abandon.

Enough is enough, I can no longer just accept this injustice. So I will now issue a money claim for the Court fees paid that have not received a receipt, or a confirmation, or a hearing, or a listing, or a promise of one. In effect, I am to be robbed, ignored, disregarded, overlooked by Nottingham County Court at the behest of Mr. N G Godsmark and his cohorts and the Nottingham Court Manager in effect the entire court administration. So I must react accordingly.

Yours sincerely and truthfully

John Kenneth Browne


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  1. RICHARD MONTGOMERY | September 2, 2020 at 4:44 pm | Reply

    Yes well thatbis the UK injustice system and it is almost impossible to secure justice in the UK.

    • Dear Richard Thank for your reply to my web site.
      I am doing this for years. But ignored by Nottingham Court. Who take my money and refuse a hearing. Currently I have two claims into Salford that is stalled. I have spent almost 12,000 on court fees alone that were not refunded. You can contract at

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