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Before posting the below I wish to thank all the friendly responses I have received. It is notable that they are all scared to death of the Judiciary, why should this be the case. They are our servants as we are the ones that pay their wages. They are not sacrosanct but are arrogant.

Please be aware that I,a litigant in person, took a district Judge Reeson of the Nottingham county court to the CIVIL APPEALS COURT and won my case and awarded £7700 in costs.

This is just one of my successes against HHJ Godsmark the king pin and grand master at Nottingham

I am the owner of this website

John Kenneth Browne 

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Nottingham NG2 6AB

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Thursday, 15 October 2020

Ministry of Justice Litigation Group

102 Petty France Westminster

London SW1H 9GL

Dear Sir/Madam Amended and up dated 28/10/2020

Re: claim number E78YM442

The MOJ will be aware that the original order by HHJ Godsmark was on the 27/01/2015 in which British Gas was ordered to pay the claimants costs. “The claimant to pay the defendants costs of the application to be subject to detailed assessment if not agreed” The claimant, in effect, ignored the costs claim of the defendant of £1440 in effect leaving the defendant with no choice but to apply to the SCCO for the said assessment. The Court fee for this application was £369 that was paid on the15/06/2015. No hearing took place so the costs claim of £1440 stood, therefore there are two claims detailed below

Claim number one

  1. The original claim for my costs against British Gas ordered by HHJ Godsmark 27/01/2015 was justified at £1440 and interest is claimed from that date. Regardless of numerous representations to British Gas it still remains unpaid.
  2. Original claim £1440 27/01/20 copy enclosed
  3. To date 28/10.2020 is 5 yrs and 9 months
  4. Interest @ 8% = £622.40
  5. Court fee £80
  6. Total of present claim is £2182.40
  7. Please remit payable to J K Browne

Claim number two

  1. Original Court claim 15/06/2017
  2. Court Fee £369 cheque 87 Halifax
  3. Current date 28/10/2020
  4. 5 years 5 Months @ 8% £108.96
  5. £369 plus £108.96 = £477.95 amendment
  6. Court Fee £50 *additional amendment
  7. Total of present claim £527.95

Both together = £2182.40 plus £527.95 = £2710.35

Received on account £369.00

Outstanding balance £2341.35 please remit within 21 days or before

This matter will be complete at last on receipt of £2341.35, or presentation of a realistic alternative offer taking into account the details above. Your remittance should be made payable to J K Browne 24 Bridgford Road, West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 6AB

Needless to say as this matter dates back to 27 Jan 2015 when no hearing, no explanation or no refund took place so the details in this letter are not even scratching the surface. There are two further orders and inter party communications by letter, email, fax and royal mail all ignored! All I want is Justice please! Some Judges are not impartial, are not accountable and are not sacrosanct, are biased, are vengeful and do carry grudges throughout.

Please respond within 21 days effectively 19/11/2020 to avoid further action

I have now received the expected response to the above and will not make a claim in the Claim Centre at Salford


J K Browne


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