This is a copy of my claim form to Salford Money Claim Centre

Claimant: John Kenneth Browne

Defendant: The Senior Courts Costs Office

Malfeasance On 17.01.2015 HHJ Godsmark dismissed the British Gas application and ordered British Gas to pay the costs of the said application to Mr Browne the defendant. The costs to be assessed if not agreed. The costs claimed was £1440. Due to no response from British Gas Mr Browne made a money claim to money claim centre at Salford for the full amount £1440 and paid £80 on 25.06.2015 this was never heard and disregarded and swept under the carpet never to be seen again. It was clear that British Gas and agent Moon Beaver did not agree the costs and as none of these cases were ever heard. In effect the order of the 17.01.2015 was ignored and Moon Beaver(Officers of the Court) were in contempt of Court and the order of the Court remains unfulfilled and effectively Moons/British Gas have managed deviously to deprive Mr Browne of his rights under the Order afore mentioned.

These cases were never heard and no refunds were forthcoming regardless of numerous letters in this regard to the SCCO for the refund of £369. Leaving me with no alternative but to make a claim to the money Claim Centre at Salford on 13.11.2017.

The SCCO did not make the response necessary to comply with the time limit as required by the process. I therefore made a request for judgement. Continued next page!


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