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This is page 2 of Claim against the Senior Courts Costs office

Claimant John Kenneth Browne

Defendant Senior Court Costs Office

Claiming £2341.oo refer to page one above

NOTE: This case has everything to do with Human Rights Act, particularly article 6 the right to a fair trial by an impartial Judge within a reasonable time, denied to J K Browne throughout with Access to Justice refused, together with recusal refused, Equality Act denied. Are these judges sacrosanct?.

Page number two continued from page one!

I am now in receipt of a letter from the SCCO dated 18.10.2017 in case number 3KY08479 that E78YM442 succeeded, in which it states that the case was heard in The Nottingham District Registry, this is untrue, No date was supplied, This is untrue as I know nothing of this at any time in any way or form. No hearing was advised as no hearing took place, No order was received as no adjudication took place. Further evidence in the support my claim detailed in this document.

On 29.01.2019 I receive an order requiring the SCCO to pay my claim in full £570.33 this order was not honoured and avoided by SCCO with assistance of their solicitor! This order is ignored by the SCCO and their solicitor and remains unpaid. This means that the SCCO and their solicitor. Now on the 12/10/2020 it is contempt of court.

Now on the 12/10/2020 I receive a cheque for £369 from the solicitor of the SCCO this is presumable the refund going back to 17/01/2015 almost 5 years ago. No interest is added that I am certainly entitled too. I am also advised by their solicitor that this is the end of the matter as far as they are concerned. Such arrogance, are they really sacrosanct as they ignore my application for an assessment and then keep the £369 the application fee without explanation that I am surely entitled too.

There has been at least 25 letters sent to the SSCO by recorded delivery that has not received a single reply. Is this due process or malfeasance. All I want is JUSTICE!

Finally I have been pro active throughout and the SCCO have been deliberately inactive throughout as a result I no longer trust the SCCO. That been the main reason I have over detailed this claim. They will twist the facts in the hope that they will be supported by an partial Judge.

All the above is provable with documents, orders, exhibits and associated letters are available when

requested and an agreement is reached regarding the cost of photo copying.

This site is owned, managed and operated by John Kenneth Browne  email all constructive comments welcome. Be aware that our judges are not sacrosanct, and are our servants as we pay their huge wages.

They are solicitors in robes and solicitors are not known for honesty and integrity and they are potential judges and carry on their bias as Judges. Most people believe Solicitors represent their clients WRONG. The opposing solicitors talk to each other and agree who will win and who will lose. The clients are paws and by trusting solicitors most are pushed to the point of bankruptcy. Please remember that good solicitors know the law but great solicitors know the Judge. Time we had a written constitution and all judges are elected as in the US this is the only way our rights are protected. I can and will over a period give examples I have experienced with proofs.


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