This is the Poidevin/Clark/Millard/Macmillian/Wylie/Godsmark FAISCO.

All to deprive Mr Browne of this rights and his money! A further series will follow re Godsmark

  1. Order of HHJ Godsmark dated 08.08.2014 this order has nothing to do with this matter the only reason for including this is because of the inept judges Millard/Macmillian were implementing this order incorrectly.
  2. Order of DDJ Kitto dated 24.04.2015 is the order that fake as DDJ Kitto was not the judge in the case
  3. The defendant J K Browne advise the court of this ineptitude
  4. Please note Moon Beaver as officers of the court failed to advise the court and were prepared to allow this inaccuracy to continue forever as it suited their purpose.
  5. Amended order dated 05.05.2015 of Recorder Poidevin the correct judge for this kangaroo court. This case was set for a two day hearing, one day for the British Gas and next day for the defendant. On the first day Mr Browne was in the witness box for over 4 hours during which Mr Browne discovered the format of his original defence statement was changed, without advising the defendant, to the point that Mr Browne found it unrecognisable. Upon complaining about this to the Judge I was informed that this was normal procedure, effectively a blatant lie! Upon ending the British Gas case the Judge just cancelled the second day so bias is plain to see. This is abuse of discretion and court power and proceedings, clear malfeasance and gross discrimination (bias) and a breach of Poidevin’s oath of office. Transcript available.
  6. On the 21.05.2015 the defendant J K Browne appealed the kangaroo order of Poidevin and that was again before Godsmark who produced another kangaroo order without a hearing and justice by deception totally ignoring the indisputable evidence and in effect “refused”. HHJ Godsmark is clearly antagonistic to Mr Browne and only wants to see him off in vengeance for the Reeson humiliation in the CAC.
  7. Now the order of DJ Millard 05.06.2015, the fiasco, where DJ Millard makes an order implementing the order of the 06.08.2015 by Godsmark, this been the wrong order.
  8. Now the order of DJ Macmillan dated 27.07.2015 where the order of Godsmark 06.08.2015 continues to be implemented regardless of the fact that it is the totally wrong order. Macmillan continues to make a final charging order on Mr Browne’s property regardless. How inept is that?
  9. Mr Browne now has no alternative but to appeal the Millard/Macmillan orders
  10. Order of HHJ Clark dated 30.03.2016 the appeal, where Clark refused recusal as Millard/Macmillan were fellow judges in the brotherhood, same court. Clark had a conflict of interest and so must withdraw. During the proceedings Godsmark interfered again, see transcript. Moon Beever appeared for British Gas. Clark stated that the Millard/Macmillan ineptness was just a misunderstanding and found for the defendant against Macmillan alone but the provisions of his order are allowed to stay unbelievable, so no win here? Mac is kicked off the case. There was no order against Millard and his order was allowed to stay in total, so no win here? This was not a win for Mr Browne, on the contrary. Clearly Clark was under instructions from none other than Godsmark as he continues wreaking his personal vengeance against Mr Browne
  11. As the so called winner of the appeal I claimed £1440 in costs. Moons disputed this and the winner was awarded £45 if that is not bad enough the loser British Gas was awarded£3000. The matter is now passed to DJ Wylie to take the place of Mac order.
  12. Order of DJ Wylie dated 04.07.2016 under the terms of Mac order. DJ Wylie was asked by the defendant if the case was been recorded at which time Wylie leaned back and checked that it is working perfectly. During the hearing Wylie stated from the bench that this case was a “cock up” and then gave everything asked for by BG and more as instructed by Godsmark. When I ordered a transcript surprise surprise it was unavailable. Bias against Mr Browne again?
  13. I now make application to CAC case B2/2016/1611 only to find that the CAC cashed my fee cheque and sweep the matter under the carpet. My numerous letters requiring a hearing or a refund of the fee were ignore, how biased is that? No accountability!



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