Order of DJ Coffey, ex solicitor,03.02.2018 A very comprehensive 2 page order. Designed to intimidate hands the matter down to (this is not protocol a matter must always be sent up and Coffey knows it!

Questionaire to Coffey dated 13.02.2018. No reply to date in effect ignored. Coffey does intend to be commit malfeasance at least to support HHJ Godsmark

Order DDJ Birtlin 04.04.2018 a part time judge and part time solicitor who is just doing what he is told by Coffey.

Advisory note from Liverpool Court, in effect HHJ Wood. “The Court is to list the application before a Wood opts out. The matter has already been listed before DJ Coffey and he has made a comprehensive order to forward the matter. Now it looks as if Coffey has opted out also.

Order of DJ Harrison “the order of Birtlin is struck out” no accountability no explanation. Undermining the claimant

Order HHJ Wood 13.03.2019 Case number D58YM656


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