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County Court Money Claim Centre Salford

Claimant J K Browne: Defendant: SCCO Manager

Monday 30th November 2020

Updated Monday 28.12.2020

Please find enclosed a copy of my original claim form dated 23.11.2020 issued same date that is deemed to be received by the defendant on 26/11/20 together with my cheque for £115 (cashed) that is now

Case number

G81YJ713. £115 court fee stolen by CCMCC Salford

G71YM219. £50 court fee stolen by CCMCC Salford

D29YM896 £115 county fee stolen by CCNCC

E78Ym442 £80 court fee stolen CCMCC Salford

3YQ10123 £396 court fee stolen by CCMCC Salford

There is a lot more in this regard further details later

This is a significant and unquestionable proof of judicial CONSPIRACY and fraud directed at Mr Browne by none other than the sacrosanct Teflon HHJ Godsmark in person since 2003 as he wreaks his personal vengeance on Mr Browne because he won his case against Godsmark’s protégé DJ Reeson. What else could it be?

County Court Money Claim Centre Salford is dysfunctional and Judges are dysfunctions of our legal system, due process, Rule of law and the betrayal of our democracy


These dysfunctional judges have all the symptoms of the “conflict of interest” syndrome that affects not only Judgement but alters the character of weak minded Judges with a criminal nature. As they ignore the evidence to protect a mentor a superior Judge in the brotherhood who has commited malfeasance. Namely HHJ Godsmark

As they assault the “rule of Law” the CPRules, “recusal” that they are sworn to uphold, in effect they are hypocrites, Liars and malfeasant, and resort to chicanery sophistry and subterfuge and fraud, numerous examples below. And our CPRs, JCIO, EHRC, & Ruth Edwards our MP is aiding and abetting this illegal activity on her door step. However I will continue my fight for justice for as long as it takes. There is nothing wrong with our laws, unfortunately so called judges are not impartial. When good people do nothing evil lives and proliferates. There is nothing more evil than a bent judiciary, The sacrosanct HHJ Godsmark, top dog, grand master of the brotherhood whose influence reaches Salford and beyond

The process requires the defendant to respond by 10th December 2020 and failure to do so, means the defendant is in default and must pay the claim in full. At which time the Court will accept the enclosed “request for Judgement” and issue an order accordingly. As a result of this ineptness I correctly followed this up with the “request for judgement” 23.10.2020.copy enclosed. This entitled me, the claimant J K Browne, to the order requiring the defendant to pay the claim £2465.08 forthwith. The claim is properly presented and did not receive due process.

Today’s date is 28.12.2020 three months from original claim, and no communication or explanation has been received from Salford County Court in this regard.

Clearly there is a conflict of interest at Salford County Court as the defendant is another Court the SCCO. However the SCCO is clearly culpable and proved to be so, and in the UK we are all equal before the law, no exceptions! Or are some more equal than others. These were the Pigs is there a connection.

However in this case where a conflict of interest exists the matter must be transferred to a neutral Court, Nottingham High Court, before an impartial judge and Jury. A Jury will ensure a fair trial not available in before bent Judges. This is my inherent right as a citizen/subject of the UK currently denied to me byHHJ Godsmark

I now come to Claim number G71YJ219.

Salford will also be aware that I paid £50 to have this matter adjudicated on, that now is swept under the carpet in the Salford Court for personal reasons. Does this mean I must now make a claim against Salford County Court for the return of my £50. As no adjudication has taken place. The original claim was made on the 30.09.2020, the defendant had until 20.10.2020 to respond and failed to do so. It is now 28.12.2020 that is 3 months ago. Clearly a “a conflict of interests exists” in which the matter must be transferred to a neutral court before an impartial Judge and Jury to ensure a fair trial and a level playing field not available to Mr Browne since 2003.

Please reply by return of post in order that this matter can be resolved without the need for any further legal action. Please cooperate and forward the required order.

Yours faithfully

J K Browne



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