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Thursday, 15 October 2020

Updated to Sunday 01 February 2021

County Court Money Claim Centre


Dear Sir/Madam

All I want is Justice that is my right. See HRA

Re: claim numbers 3YK08479/E78YM442/accumulating in G81YJ713

All are connected to each other with one source the SCCO.

Updated to 04.02.2021

Salford will be aware that the original order by HHJ Godsmark was on the 27/01/2015 in which British Gas was ordered to pay the claimants costs. “The claimant to pay the defendants costs of the application to be subject to detailed assessment if not agreed” The claimant, in effect, ignored the costs claim of the defendant of £1440 in effect leaving the defendant with no choice but to apply to the SCCO for the said assessment. The Court fee for this application was £369 that was paid on the15/06/2015. No hearing took place so the costs claim of £1440 stood therefore there are two claims detailed below

Claim number one

  1. The original claim for my costs against British Gas ordered by HHJ Godsmark 27/01/2015 was justified at £1440 and interest is claimed from that date. Regardless of numerous representations to British Gas it still remains unpaid.
  2. Original claim £1440 27/01/15 copy enclosed
  3. To date 01.02.2021 is 6 years delayed by the SCCO, Nottingham High Court and the County Court Money Claim Centre Salford.
  4. Interest 27.01.15 to 27.01.21 @ 8% = £691.20 rising by £1.90 per day
  5. Court fee £80
  6. Total of present claim is £2211.20 case 3YK08479
  7. Please remit payable to J K Browne

Claim number two

  1. Original Court claim 15/06/2017
  2. Court Fee £369 cheque 87 Halifax
  3. Court fee £50
  4. 15.06.17 to 01.02. 21 – 4.5 years
  5. 4.5 years @ 8% £132.84
  6. Total 551.84 case E78YM442

Both together = £2763.04

Received on account £369.00

Outstanding balance £2394.04

Claim number G81YJ 713

Claim for £2394.04 as above

Interest accrued £8.73

Count fee £115

Total Claim £123.73

Less £52.69 to facilitate matters

Three added together = £2465.08 as per the Request for Judgment dated 10.12.2020

This matter will be complete at last on receipt of £2465.08 Your remittance should be made payable to J K Browne 24 Bridgford Road, West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 6AB

Needless to say as this matter dates back to 27 Jan 2015 when no hearing, no explanation or no refund took place so the details in this letter are not even scratching the surface of this malfeasance. There are two further orders and inter party communications by letter, email, fax and royal mail all ignored by Salford! All I want is Justice please! Some Judges are not impartial, are not accountable and are not sacrosanct, are biased, are vengeful and do carry grudges throughout as HHJ Godsmark has wreaked vengeance on Mr Browne since 2003. Re DJ Reeson

Please respond within 21 days

I have just been informed that Salford County Court have blocked my ability to send Facsimiles of my signed “claims forms” and my “requests for judgement” and other relevant communications, I have had to resort to emails only. No explanation has been forthcoming in any way or form for this act of deceitfulness that is in effect treachery. I can only assume that the Court manager and no doubt a senior Judge has made this decision to undermine the claimant by denying J K Browne access to the County Court’s administration of Justice and access to Justice.

Currently I have a number of genuine claims made to the CCMCC Salford that have been stalled for 8 years in one case 01.08.2013 3YQ10123 that is still unresolved as at 03.02.2021 and the court fee of £395 misappropriated together with a further £6590 in fees intentionally NOT refunded and no hearings held or set down. This is not justice it is discrimination and victimisation bias and malfeasance with malice intent. This forces and entitles me to make constant representation to the claims court in a effort to get this and other claims resolved. The Court is making this arbitrary uninformed decision to discriminate against J K Browne, this is an illegality performed by the Salford Judiciary to protect bent Judges particularly sacrosanct HHJ Godsmark and his fellow partners and is a crime. If this fax communication is not restored in the next 7 days I will have no choice but to make an “unless” application to have it restored as there is no explanation possible for this arbitrary action.


The “rule of law” must be adhered to, particularly by Judges who are trusted to be honest, fair and impartial, unfortunately there is an element of so called judges who abuse their position for various reasons, my situation is a case in point as HHJ Godsmark is wreaking vengeance on Mr Browne for his success against DJ Reeson at the CAC with costs in 2003. Justice will prevail in due course, of that I am sure!

I now require the Salford County Court to restore the use of my fax communications in order that original documents can be sent to said court. If not, please supply the reasons for this arbitrary decision in order that I can decide what legal action I need to take against the County Court at Salford.

I also ask the Court to respect “due process” and follow the correct procedure that includes the strict application of time limits that apply to each and every claim. Unfortunately certain Judges are using deceptive tactics to delay the execution of my claims.

I am fully aware of the solidarity of the Brotherhood of Judges motto (all for one and one for all) but surely there is a limit to this when the Judges are becoming bigger criminals than the accused they Jail regularly. These so called judges are bullies and deliberately create a hostile environment for any claimant in order to intimidate in effect blackmail and extortion; this also includes justice by deception as they are completely devoid of conscious, like all criminals.

O what a tangled web these bent judges weave when first they practice to deceive.

Yours faithfully and sincerely

J K Browne

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