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To Nottingham High Court case number 3YQ10123 Appeal Number 2019/P1/12356

From: John Kenneth Browne claimant on 01/08/13.Almost 7 years. Is this due process?

I have now checked with my bank to see if my cheque dated 26/05/20 for £240 payable to the High Court at Nottingham had been cashed. In effect the court manager has misappropriated cheque no 147 dated 26/05/2020 for £240 that rightly belongs to HMC&T service. What exactly has happened to this cheque. It was sent by recorded delivery together with 3 substantive bundles for my appeal before a JURY in the High Court at Nottingham and received by this court at 10.22am on 27/05/20 and signed for by Gosling at that time. An explanation is required forthwith as this in effect is stealing fraud from the HMC&T service!

The court will be aware that this matter is the most travelled bundle of substantial and unquestionable evidence on record as the courts don’t want to hear this case so they keep sending it back and forth between London and Nottingham numerous times. Currently it is in Nottingham where it rightly belongs if not in the CAC itself. It is well known that a High Court in Nottingham is equivalent in status to a High Court in London, so why should all parties plus witnesses go to the unnecessary time and expense traveling elsewhere. Re: “The Overriding Objective” to which all courts and impartial Judges are duty bound, by statute, to comply with! Unfortunately it is apparent that this does not apply to the High Court at Nottingham that I suspect is distated to be none other than HHJ Godsmark. This requires a detailed explanation without procrastination as it is already 6! 1/2 1/2 years and e hastely expeditiosly I now ask for the 100th time for the Court’s listing manager to set this case down for a hearing before a JURY forthwith. An explanation is requires

It is now apparent and discernible that the king-pin at Nottingham HHJ Godsmark has his hands on this deception as he deprives Mr Browne to ACCESS to JUSTICE and ignored the OVERRIDING OBJECTIVE of the Courts. An explanation is requires

His interference is tantamount to perverting the course of Justice. This matter is almost 7 years old to date, and with HHJ Godsmark interference it could last another 10 years. Can he really get away with this deception! An explanation is requires

The hypocritical HHJ Godsmark attempt at been unbiased is pathetic and designed to appeal to those who want to believe that HHJ Godsmark can do no wrong. The behaviour of the WPC in this incident was reprehensible disproportionate unjustifiable in every way possible but HHJ Godsmark does not want to know. An explanation is requires

This was an atrocity, perpetrated by HHJ Godsmark on an innocent, respectable, credible member of the public and a local businessman. To add insult to injury HHJ Godsmark acts as if it is a minor matter and Mr Browne richly deserved the treatment he received. Then Godsmark proceeded to deceive, mislead and suppress the most fundamental evidence. Clearly HHJ Godsmark believes he is immune from prosecution and above the law that he is employed and paid by the public to uphold. An explanation is requires

No doubt arrogant obsessed Godsmark will decide that the best way to deal with this matter is to ignore it entirely and sweep the whole matter under the carpet as he has done at least twice before and steal his money on behalf of HMC&T service. This is criminality by a Circuit Judge a hhj in fact of our due process, is godsmark really sacrosanct, he should be in Jail.

RSVP with an explanation!

J K Browne


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