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This is the 2th Statement of truth that is related to the 1st statement of truth, ignored by all Judges in an effort to protect HHJ Godsmark

I assert that the facts stated in this case number 3YQ10123 dated 01.03.2021 are true.

I assert that the facts stated in this case number D29YM182 dated 01.03.2021 are true.

Unfortunately all the Judges sitting in these cases have deliberately ignored all the evidence and this includes primarily HHJ Godsmark and his named associates listed below in this statement

I now refer to case number D29YM182 before DDJ Wrigley instructed by HHJ Godsmark.

This case is an offshoot and interconnected with case number 3YQ10123 that was never heard in which my £395 is misappropriated in effect stolen at the behest of HHJ Godsmark

Having received no response to my letters in this regard I issued a claim against the County Court at Nottingham case D29YM182 for the return of my £395. It came before DDJ Wrigley; this case was simple from the start, so it had to be a kangaroo court. However I attended reluctantly, the defendant was represented. At the start Wrigley told the solicitor not to say anything, this was protocol and quite bizarre to say the least.

The case was simple the 3YQ10123 case that was never heard in which my £395 was misappropriated by HHJ Godsmark. Case number D29YM182 was my money claim for its return.

Wrigley stated that this case had nothing to do with HHJ Godsmark when it had everything to do with Godsmark as he was the one who ordered the theft of my £395. My objections to Wrigley’s fake assessment were disregarded as if I never opened my mouth. Malfeasance!

I am now justified in my assessment that this was a kangaroo court and I just walked out.

It was clear that Wrigley was under instructions from Godsmark and his decision, not to be confused with a judgment, was to be against me and I was not going to sit there and allow it.

My representations were totally disregarded throughout, so Wrigley had to use subterfuge and lies to justify his bent judgement and Godsmark remains free to continue wreaking vengeance/bias on Mr Browne

Incidentally, Wrigley stated that DJ Reeson who was found guilty of contempt by the CAC was a highly respected Judge. Regardless of the CAC judgement

Needless to say Wrigley dismissed my claim. This was an open and shut case so I appealed this to HHJ Godsmark and guess what? He transferred case D29TM182 together with case 3YQ10123 back to London for adjudication. This HHJ and DDJ are deliberately suppressing key evidence with malice intent to stall delay defer and involve more judges in more courts to confuse the issues by the passage of time, all at the behest of HHJ Godsmark

London HHJ Dight dismissed my appeal without a hearing, ignored protocol, ignored years of delay to protect Godsmark’s malfeasance. Dight is reprimanded by the JCIO, YES!

It will be clear that the JCIO, the QHRC the MOJ and Ruth Edwards the local MP who were kept informed of this judicial conspiracy throughout are in denial due to conflict of interest and dereliction of their duty. Let by unaccountable Godsmark who is supported by the brotherhood the judicial mafia. Justice by deception creates a hostile environment for J K Browne.

It is abundantly clear that the intent of Godsmark is to see Mr Browne off with malfeasance

Why this behaviour by HHJ Godsmark, in 2003 I took DJ Reeson to the CAC and won my case with £7700 costs. Reeson was a mentor protégé of Gods mark and has wreaked vengeance on Mr Browne ever since. J K Browne Next the Donoghue/Liverpool fiasco


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