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This is the 3rd Statement of truth that is interconnected with the 1st and 2nd statement of truth, ignored by all Judges in an effort to protect sacrosanct HHJ Godsmark

I assert that the facts stated in this case number 3YQ10123 dated 01.08.2013 are true.

I assert that the facts stated in this case number D29YM182 dated are true.

I assert that the facts in this case D58YM655 dated 18.09.2017 are true

Unfortunately all the Judges sitting in these cases have deliberately ignored all the evidence and this includes primarily HHJ Godsmark and his named associates listed in this statement

Judges involved in this kangaroo Court. DJ Coffey to DDJ Birtlin to HHJ Wood to DJ Harrison and back to HHJ Wood all Liverpool bent Judges.

Claim no D58YM655 18.09/2017 Claimant: Mr John Kenneth Browne

Defendant: Mr Kevin Donoghue a Solicitors in Liverpool and a potential Judge

I mistakenly paid Donoghue £5000 for this disservice

Having suffered discriminated and misappropriation (theft) of court fees, the confiscation of my bundles of evidence and no hearings at the Nottingham County Court at the behest of Godsmark, I, mistakenly instructed an out of town solicitor and Judge that would be impartial and accountable, and examine the case on its merits. I was wrong, they took my money, did nothing. And tried to con me out of more money. See the Manchester fiasco.

Evidently these so called Judges have not read my factual statement of truth, and ignored numerous exhibits in support. This is an official denial of my statutory rights, article 6 of the Human Rights Act access to Justice and the overriding objective. Transcript Page 2.

Due to the mind-set, psyche and malfeasance of DJ Coffey he transferred the case down to DDJ Birtlin, then HHJ Wood, then DJ Harrison then back to Wood who holds a kangaroo court and dismisses the case without a hearing. I no longer trust this Court as the defendant Kevin Donoghue a Liverpool solicitor as is DDJ Birtlin, DJ Coffey and DJ Harrison are also ex Liverpool solicitors, a perfect recipe for Bias.

These perpetrators are law judges who evidently are aware of the Reeson debacle. Resulting in HHJ Godsmark’s wreaking vengeance on the claimant Mr Browne

I will not receive a fair trial before any of these Judges. I therefore will not attend. In pursuant of “access to Justice” this matter be transferred to the High Court before a jury. Ignored by Liverpool Court by chicanery. The case before DDJ Britlin was a farce.

It is inappropriate that this matter, a simple money claim, be delayed for 6 month by the DJ in Salford and DJ Coffey in Liverpool? We now can add HHJ Wood to the list. It is the clear intention of the Court to drag it out as long as possible as the matter is now years old..

This is Déjà vu/déjà vécu re DJ Reeson that is evidently known to all County Court brothers in the UK. In which 3DJs and 3HHJs set about dismantling the order of the Civil Appeals Court. This ploy failed with costs. Judges must be honest and above all impartial. The defence offered by Solicitor Donoghue is that he was embarrassed as he is found out. Donoghue is a great solicitor as he knows a good solicitor knows the law but a great solicitor knows the Judges. Donoghue may I have my embezzled £5000 returned pronto!

Unfortunately, due process, the rule of law, the Judges oath of office are flouted by WOOD and his DJs to protect sacrosanct HHJ GODSMARK an outlaw desperado fraudster and leader of this illegal conspiracy to deny Mr Browne his inalienable rights!

John Kenneth Browne the claimant since 01.08.2013. Malfeasance!

Donoghue liverpool


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