The Grounds for making this application G81YJ713 are as follows:-

updated 10.06.21. Application to Nottingham CC Godsmark and we have another Judge added Godsmark’s pet DDJThexton who will commit perjury.

In order to understand this matter it is absolutely imperative to be aware of the background and history that unfortunately is ignored by the Nottingham Judiciary particularly CJ Godsmark and 2 orders by DJ Potts & DJ Wylie that are contradictory to each other. O! What a tangled web they weave when they decide to deceive.


On 27.01.2015 CJ Godsmark sitting in the High Court of Justice. Queen’s Bench Division, Nottingham District Registry. Case No 3YK08479 exh(1)

This is the substantive and significant order of The High Court of Justice from which every all cases flow, and is the basis of all that follows throughout this matter regardless. This order has not been executed to this very day 24.05.21 over 6 years later! That in itself is clear and unambiguous “Abuse of the process”. There is no response or accountability by Godsmark NCC for this abuse after numerous letters in this regard.

The case between British Gas claimants: John Kenneth Browne defendant:

It is ordered by HHJ Godsmark in The High Court that:-

Claimant’s application be dismissed.

Claimant to pay defendant’s costs of the application to be subject to detailed assessment if not agreed.

Making British Gas the debtor, unquantified, and Mr Browne the creditor

I repeat Case 3YK08479 is the very substantive and significant order in this case and must be treated as such throughout this entire matter and from this moment on. Unfortunately Nottingham Judiciary use chicanery sophistry malfeasance to change that. Again a blatant abuse of the process by Godsmark NCC!

This application will receive the attention it deserves by the impartial High Court Judge and the unsubstantiated orders of Wylie, Potts and DDJ MacKenzie 11.01.21 will be dismissed, Godsmark’s chicanery policy is to keep adding judges in an attempt to confuse the LIP. These orders will be rescinded due to Abuse of the Process and conflict of interest, the 2 cases must be returned to Salford for impartial adjudication on G81YJ713 and there is 2 sealed orders already on E78YM442 requiring the SCCO case 3YK08479 to pay the claimant £259.67 having deducted £369 already paid.

Currently the 2 cases at the CCMCC E78YM442, G81YJ713 are derivatives of 3YK08479 and have been adjudicated on by CCMCC. Two sealed orders have been made in E78YM442 in favour of J K Browne, G81YJ713 has yet to receive a sealed order against SCCO(british Gas) and due process will be implemented.

The telephone listing for 28.06.21 must be vacated as I will not cooperate with a kangaroo court. I will attend court at 2pm for a High Court(jury) hearing, I am now forced into a kangaroo court, that I will appeal. Suggest that 28.06.21 be cancelled, and these 2 cases be returned CCMCC for impartial adjudication.

CJ Godsmark by devious means, stealth, abuse of the process managed a transfer of the 2 cases from Salford CC to Nottingham CC without reference to the claimant whatsoever. This is certainly abuse of process, be assured the claimant objects in no uncertain terms to this transfer due as Godsmark NCC supremo bias. Again abuse of process! No justification legal or otherwise for this transfer. This now means Nottingham CC Godsmark sitting in Judgement on Nottingham CC Godsmark. Abuse of process! This transfer is contrary to CPR 30.3. due process means it must be heard by a CJ not a DJ in the High Court Judge plus a jury in the circumstances.

No one should be a judge in their own cause”. It is one of the cardinal rules of natural justice that no one should act as a judge a case in which they have a personal (vested) interest. Godsmark’s vendetta Nemo iudex in causa sua. This also applies to County Courts due to the close relationship between Judges in the same court particular when the supremo is CJ Godsmark.

It also means that CJ Godsmark Nottingham supremo sitting in Judgement on CJ Godsmark Nottingham supremo. This is not just an abuse of the process it is treachery, Fraud and malfeasance. Where, Godsmark’s cohorts will ambush Mr Browne into a kangaroo courts resulting in 3 kangaroo orders by DJ Potts DJ Wylie Mackenzie who are all controlled by biased CJ Godsmark and all well known to the claimant for bias.

These orders are ill-conceived unjustified unsubstantiated and a complete waste of Court time, in effect abuse of the process and does not contain CPR3.3(4) that is mandatory where an order is made without a hearing

I now come to part 2 of the 3YK08479 order. “Claimant to pay defendants costs of the application to be subject to detailed assessment if not agreed” I submitted my bill of costs £1440 to British Gas that they ignored until 05.04.17 when I issued Notice of commencement of assessment under number 3YK08479. As above. Where it is stalled again until 18.10.17, when I received a letter from SCCO under case 3YK08479 stating “the case was heard in the Nottingham District Registry” this I dispute, is CJ Godsmark lying to the SCCO?

It also states my £369 court fee is retained. This begs a question, if the case is already heard why the £369 retained by the SCCO. In a further para it stated “To assist the Nottingham District Registry when Lodging these papers please enclose a copy of this letter. This raises another question. If the case has been heard, why lodge the papers. Is the case stalled again in Nottingham by CJ Godsmark. 3YK08479. However this means that CJ Godsmark is sitting in Judgment on himself. CPR abuse of process certainly.

After much communication with Nottingham to no avail, on the 03.11.20 I make a claim in CCMCC for £2465.00 been my £1440 costs claim plus interest and court fee of £115. To force, SCCO and British Gas to proceed with the costs assessment as ordered by 27.01.2015 3YK08479.

As no response my claim I made request for Judgement. It stated claim issued by CCMCC 23.11.20. Claim sent to defendant by first class mail and is deemed served on defendant 26.11.20. The defendant given until 10.12.20 to reply. Defendant made no reply whatsoever so I am entitled to sealed order requiring defendant to pay claim in full to Mr Browne £2465. Due process! This is a further extension of order of the High Court 3YK08479 27.01.2015. For administrative reasons given another number G81YJ713!


Claim number 3YK08479/G81YJ713 was subjected to extreme delays since 27.01.2015 throughout 6 years to date, clear abuse of process, abuse of discretion, abuse of Court power led by CJ Godsmark. Please note at 22.05.21 this assessment has not taken place and there is no plan so to do. Clear Abuse of Process throughout.

Please be aware that orders of Wylie/Potts are incorrectly drawn as they do not contain CPR 3.3(4). Wylie’s order contains a inconsequential 50 page grounds for application, clearly to intimidate, manipulate to bypass the relevant facts in preparation for his kangaroo court and all three cases to be dealt with in 60 minutes by 2 DJs at the same time. Not possible. However my application will take at least 4 hours to go through and Wylie’s 50 page application will take a further 4 Hours unless of course kangaroo rules apply when he intends to ignore the provisions of substantive order of High Court 3YK08479 27.01.2015.

However the County Court Wylie Potts are now proceeding as if 3YK08479 never existed and hopeing to replace it with G81YJ713 as the substantive case in preparation for the kangaroo court. The order of the High Court 27.01.2012 is to be ignored as non-existent, this is abuse of the process, abuse of discretion and court power. In effect contempt of court and certainly malfeasance.

The order of Wylie has some 50 pages of subterfuge and false interpretation of CPRs, in which the order of the high Court 27.01.2015 is to be ignored. Wylie wants this to be done in 60 mins along with E78YM244 all in 60 mins on the phone, the intention is clear this is to be a kangaroo court. I will not cooperate with this subterfuge and will attend court at 2PM 28.06.21 and see if I can be 2 places at the same time.

Case number 3YK08479 E78YM442 and G81YJ713 are not the only cases involved in this fraud, there is seven others that Godsmark and his subordinates have swept under the carpet and misappropriated £6392 in court fees paid by J K Browne for a hearing. No hearings took place, no refunds made regardless of numerous unanswered letters requesting refunds. This is fraud Act 2006, Theft Act 1968 by CJ Godsmark

Claims to Salford are blocked swept under the carpet by CJ Godsmark as he wreaks his vengeance on Mr Browne for his success against DJ Reeson in the CAC in 2003. The cases below will have to be dealt with eventually, it may have to wait until CJ Godsmark retires or is sacked.

D29YM896, G71YJ219, 3YQ10123, D28YM655, 3YK08479, D29YM183, B40YM896 of which none received a hearing and £7247 fees stolen

Court service date cheque amount case hearing

HMCT service 01/08/13 52 T **£395** no

ditto 27/01/14 54 T £80 no

ditto 03/02/14 55 T £120 no

Central London 07/02/14 60 T £220 no

CAC 05/06/15 39 £235 no

HMCT service 26/06/15 44 £80 no

CAC 30/05/15 46 £235 no

HMCT service 10/07/15 47 £115 no

Ditto 18/09/15 51 £120 no

Ditto 22/01/16 58 £160 no

Ditto 11/03/16 60 £155 no

Ditto 22/03/16 62 £235 no

Ditto 14/04/16 66 £235 no

Ditto 17/05/16 70 £528 no

Ditto 24/05/16 71 £235 no

Ditto 07/06/16 72 £528 no

Ditto 23/05/17 87 £369 scco no

Salford Money claim 26/07/17 89 £115 no

Salford money claim 18/09/17 94 no £205 Liverpool No hearing

HMCT service 24/09/17 95 no £360 SCCO No hearing

Ditto 30/10/17 100 no £70 no

Ditto 02/2/17 101 no £70 no

Ditto 28/03/17 103 no £335 Liverpool No hearing

Ditto 30/04/18 109no £255 Wrigley

Ditto 06/06/18 113no £255 no

Salford money 13/11/18 122 £50 no

HMCT serviced 03/02/19 126 £140 Liverpool No hearing

Ditto 21/05/19 131 £235 no

Ditto 26/06/19 133 £255 app Hell no hearing

Salford 23/01/20 142 £70 no hearing

Nottingham £240 05/03/20 145 £240 no hearing

Nottingham 27/04/20 146 £140 no hearing

High court 26/05/20 147 £240 no hearing

Salford 28/09/20 148 £50 no hearing

Salford 17/11/20 150 £115 no hearing

Nottingham CC 07/06/21 BCC £255 no hearing




AIDED AND ABETTED BY HHJs Hellman, Freeland, Saggerson,DJ Fine & Ruth Edwards MP Rushcliffe, Mr Browne’s MP, and she does not want to know. She hears no evil, sees no evil, speaks no evil. Now add DDJ Nix, DDJ Hovington, DDJ Ranson DDJ Mackenzie DJ Potts, DJ Wylie and others all involved in abuse of the process. Motive of these Judges is to muddy the water, adding as many Judges as possible to confuse the LIP and keep the matter as vague as possible all the requirements of a kangaroo court, that been the plan all along to see Mr Browne off without any reference to the evidence 3YK08479 High Court order 27.01.2015 presided over by CJ Godsmark himself.

Now the order of the High Court 27.01.15 is been challenged by DJs in the lower court, something wrong here! This is abuse of the process.

The “Request for Judgement” that requires designated Judge to comply with “due process” and issue an order against the SCCO/British Gas to pay the claimant £2465.08 immediately as any defence is impossible and has no merit, in any case a defence would be completely and entirely out of time and as such an abuse of the process!

Now what do we have case E78YM442 an offshoot of 3YK08479 is transferred to Nottingham 08.03.21 without any reference to the claimant, if the claimant Mr Browne had been informed he would have objected in no uncertain terms. Due to actual bias experienced at Nottingham for 17 years at the hands of CJ Godsmark who continues to abuse of the process with licence! For this matter to be transferred it needed an application so to do, who made this application and why. This application to transfer has no merit and is greatly out of time.

On 30.04.21 an order by the lower court judge Potts against the High Court order who has shown bias against Mr Browne before. No mention of the High Court Order by Godsmark yet to be implemented. Potts order names E78YM442 as the case and he adds in passing G81YJ713 as an added extra and allows 60 minutes at 2pm 28.06.21 and a telephone hearing to boot. This manoeuvring and manipulation has all the prerequisites of an ambush in a kangaroo court. This is abuse of the process in no uncertain terms. As a result I will not make myself available by phone and will attend court at 2pm for an open court hearing that will be at least 4 hours. as the defence’s application is 50 pages of subterfuge and full of CPRs that can be interrupted by partial Judges to suit the Judges intent. Abuse of process.

I repeat Order of the High Court 3YK08479 has yet to be implemented and yet the off shoots of same are set down to be heard on 28.06.21. Something very wrong here. These orders was made without a hearing and did not contain the CPR 3.3(4) making the orders invalid, without merit and out of time in any case.

Now when I thought things could not get any worse I receive another order by DJ Wylie a judge who has shown actual bias against Mr Browne before, that includes 50 pages of defence subterfuge and chicanery. This will also to be by telephone and has all the necessities of an ambush and a kangaroo court. This order was made without a hearing and did not contain CPR 3.3(4) and as such is not valid. So I will not be available on the phone and will attend the open court a 2pm on 28.06.21. Again no mention of the High Court order dated 27.01.2015 that the Judges have deliberate avoided on instructions from CJ Godsmark

It is noted that I am expected at two places at one time. It must also be noted that CJ Godsmark has interfered in this case also to ensure Mr Browne loses. It is clear that there is an ulterior mutative here. Why did Nottingham have the cases transferred to Nottingham as there was no justification legal or otherwise for this transfer, this was done in order that the matter can be swept under the carpet or dismissed by CJ Godsmark in his kangaroo court. This is again Abuse of the process by CJ Godsmark. No honest Judge in Salford would perform this treachery so it must be transferred to where Godsmark is supremo.

Why has the High Court order 27.01.2015 not been implemented, it is now side lined and challenged by 2 minor cases in the County Court by minor court Judges on 28.06.21 at 2pm.

Now this is not the first time Godsmark has obstructed my claims. Currently I have an appeal application G71YJ219 before the High Court case G71YJ219 26.05.20. Where I paid £240 supplied 3 bundles 100 pages of evidence each. the appeal arrived as cheque enclosed cashed. In effect the matter was swept under the carpet by CJ Godsmark never to be seen again to this very day.

I make a claim G71YJ219 to Salford for my £240. A notice issued 30.09.0 time limited. Sent to defendant 02.10.20 deemed received by defendant o6.10.2, giving defendant until 20.10.20 to reply. The defendant did not reply. I therefore received sealed order 02.03.21 for the defendant to pay the claim in full £552.33. The defendant in this case is the Nottingham County Court in effect CJ Godsmark. This means Nottingham CC Godsmark sitting in Judgement on itself Nottingham CC Godsmark. On 26.11.20 an order by DDJ Nix “claim is refused” Request for Judgment is refused” does the right hand know what the left hand is doing or is this case of O! what a tangled web these judges weave when they decide to deceive.


Order of the High Court 27/01/2015 by Godsmark 3YK08479.

Commencement of Assessment process 3YK08479.

Letter from SCCO 3YK08479.

Claim Form

Request for Judgement

Abuse of the process

Involves issues under the HUMAN RIGHT ACT 1968

Two sealed orders for case E78YM244

Copy of Claim Form G81YJ713

Request for Judgement

Order of Potts: Chicanery Manipulation Intimidation. Abuse of process!

Order of Wylie: 50 pages of Chicanery Intimidation and abuse of process

Copy of sealed orders of CCMCC made by CJs challenged by DDJs

C:\Users\User\Desktop\Nigel Graham Godsmark Screen-Shot-2015-08-06-at-08.32.55.png

These cases must be heard by a High Court Judge or CJ jury from another Court outside the Midland and hopefully be a Jury as Nottingham CC is discriminating against Mr Browne for the last 17 years Leaving Mr Browne paying almost £7000 in fees hit by Godsmark in a mere claim to CCMCC made by British Gas v J K Browne! Bizarre if not judicial criminality!

I make no apologies for the repetition of certain issues as my experience of the Nottingham CC. CJ Godsmark as he continues to ignored at least 100 letters in this regard since 2014.

I also reserve the right to add further proof to this statement before the kangaroo court set for 28.06.21.

Now for the attention of CJ Godsmark, DJ Wylie, DJ Potts, DDJ Ranson, DDJ Nix, DDJ Mackenzie, DDJ Wrigley and no doubt there will be more soon.

The integrity and impartiality is the bedrock of our legal system. Unfortunately the named judges have lost the ploy and are fixated by the ideology that they must support their brother Judges, as above, and their fellow illegals. Leading to the collapse of our national integrity and trust in our legal system! This leads to kangaroo courts, an unofficial or mock court set up for the purpose of delivering a judgement arrived at in advance. This devious stratagem is the denial of their judges oath of office. This denies all articles in human rights act, particularly the right to a fair trail before an impartial Judge within a reasonable time limit. Access to justice is a right not a privilege. Unfortunately the above judges are prepared to commit perjury for CJ Godsmark. This is chicanery, fallaciousness, deception, spurious and a total abuse of the process.

ECHR, HRA, This act has 3 main effects the most important of which is that it requires all public bodies, in this instant our courts our judiciary,carrying out public functions to respect and protect my Human Rights.

Complaints have been made to JCIO against

DDJ Wrigley, DJ Hale, DJ Nicolle, DJ Lloyd Jones all Nottingham Judges under the control of CJ Godsmark remains sacrosanct.

HHJ Saggerson has been investigated by PCIO as was HHJ Dight for misconduct in public office.I now accuse all the above judges of actual bias under the instructions of CJ Godsmark and they must stand down recusal forthwith and return all these cases back to CCMCC Salford for final adjudication



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