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This is Statement of truth number one, ignored by all Judges

I believe that the facts stated in this case number 3YQ10123 dated 01.03.2021 are true.” I believe that the facts stated in this statement are true.”

Unfortunately all the Judges sitting in this case have ignored the evidence and this includes primarily HHJ Godsmark and his named associates listed at the end of this statement


The claimant is J K Browne: The defendant is Chief Constable of Nottinghamshire:

This claim is dated 01.08.2013 and is unresolved at 01.03.2021

This is a judicial conspiracy and bizarre but evidentially true

And all the Judges are in denial and committing perjury.


This claim is dated 01/08/2013, 7 years ago, court fee £395 paid 01/08/13. No defence was submitted within the time limit. Request for judgment ignored. As instructed the case went before DJ Silverman London. HHJ Godsmark for devious reasons had the case transferred to Nottingham. Godsmark now sweeps the entire matter under the carpet. However Godsmark raised the matter at a hearing of a separate case not 3YQ10123. When this was pointed out Godsmark said he would check it out and did nothing for months, then he transferred the entire matter back to London. Where it is stalled again by another few years, by HHJ Hellman, HHJ Freeland, HHJ Saggerson then down to DJ Fine. Eventually HHJ Freeland set down a kangaroo court hearing that I refused to attend on the grounds of bias already proved. This kangaroo court produced a kangaroo order. For this hearing I made 2 applications @ £235 each that were totally ignored. I now appeal this order to the CAC fee £528 who transferred it to the High Court at Nottingham where Godsmark stalls it again. I make an appeal application to this Nottingham court that included 3 * 100 page bundles of indisputable evidence that Godsmark confiscates illegally and I pay another £240 court fee that is misappropriated in effect stolen. This is the position as I write 01.03.2021.

It will be clear that the JCIO, the QHRC the MOJ and local MP Ruth Edwards who were all kept informed of this Judicial conspiracy throughout and have as such have joined this mendacity. That was led by HHJ Godsmark, who is clearly unaccountable, dispenses justice by deception, and creates a hostile environment for J K Browne. Godsmark is supported in this conspiracy by the judicial brotherhood, the Judges trade union. Sometimes referred to as the Judicial mafia.

Why is HHJ Godsmark a senior judge behaving in such a dishonest way. explanation: in 2003 I took DJ Reeson to the CAC and won my case with £7700 costs. Reeson was a mentor protégé of Godsmark who has wreaked vengeance on Mr Browne ever since. J K Browne

John Kenneth Browne 

24 Bridgford Road West Bridgford

Nottingham NG2 6AB

P & F: 0115 9142564 M: 07776 306668

E: jkb24@btinternet.com

Correspondence Unit
Equality and Human Rights Commission
Arndale House The Arndale Centre
Manchester M4 3AQ


Dear Sir/Madam

This is a very bizarre inexplicable and no doubt any person examining this will, of course, be sceptical due to the extreme discrimination shown by members of the Judiciary. However all of this is true and I have the proof. It is difficult to know exactly where the EHRC is coming from at this time, are they neutral or do they want to believe or not to believe, or will they search for some excuse to negate the matter or suggest by some means it is not in their remit or rely on the “independence of the judiciary” to explain the discrimination harassment bullying and victimisation of a litigant in person to say nothing of the disproportionate penalisation imposed and the malfeasance used by certain Judges to ignore the relevant facts expressed below and in exhibits to contravene the rules that these judges are mandated to uphold, and clearly refuse to do so in absolute breach of their oath of office. Malfeasance!

Hopefully the Equality and Human rights commission will judge this on the accuracy and the merits presented in this statement of truth the majority of which can and will be proved.

Please read the following narratives that details the facts of these complaints that stretch right back to 1995 proved. No defence or explanation has been offered by the Judges involved and the EHRC should be aware of the Equality Act and the Human Rights Act and the article therein and how they are abused in this matter. Please investigate.

This detailed narrative is best explained in part 1 part2 part 3 and part 4 in the representation of my application to HHJ Hellman of the Central London County Court in which the defendant case is an offshoot of 3YQ19123 currently before HHJ Hellman for years. This is a a malicious application hoping to ambush the claimant that produced a fate accompli order from DDJ Fine that was designed to seriously undermine the claimant. Having written to HHJ Hellman in this regard after a phone conversation with the Court, clarification by him is imperative as this matter is almost 6 years old and no hearing of any kind is set down and my £395 court fee is misappropriated in effect stolen by HHJ Godsmark of HMCT Service, all representation in this regard is ignored. Copy attached.

Possibly the most damning exhibit of all is the part transcript of HHJ Godsmark on the 06.08.14 in which he touched on case no 3YQ10123 that was not listed that day. A copy of the listing for that day is also exhibited. It is self-explanatory direct from mouth of HHJ Godsmark himself. Is this malfeasance in public office Misconduct by a Judge that cannot be legally justified and is against the law in any case no matter what criteria used!

Should you take this matter as seriously as I do and require further exhibits and documents please contact the undersigned!

The 4 Parts referred to above will be forwarded under separate cover by recorded delivery in order that there can be no doubt that it has been received. Please acknowledge receipt of the fax and in due course the royal mail recorded delivery.

John Kenneth Browne 28.05.2019


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