Nottingham County Court

Case number 3YQ10123

Case number 3YK08479

Just to mention a couple out of at least 6

To the HHJ Godsmark and his cohorts and of course the Court Manager who is responsible for money in and out and producing statements of accountability

From J.K.Browne

I refer to the above claim that appears to be swept under the Carpet in HHJ Godsmark’s office. The last word on this matter was made by HHJ Godsmark on 06/08/2014, this case was not even listed on that occasion, see transcript in which he states “alright, I will check that” then nothing and my money is stolen £395.

This history of this claim clearly ignores my basic human rights by showing ill will towards me personally contrary to the Judges oath of office. In effect Godsmark court is a hostile environment For Mr Browne

This Police matter was not managed accordingly to protocol and was flawed. The other matter was “civil” and the police matter “criminal assault”, and as such by protocol and every other legal process these cases must be held separately. On the face of it HHJ Godsmark deliberately took advantage of the Litigant in person in order to perform this manipulation. It was noted that the police solicitor attended the other matter DJ Reeson who was in contempt of the Lord Justices in 1995 and again in 2003 and found for Mr Browne with costs, it must be noted that Reeson was a close and trusted friend and protégé of HHJ Godsmark who uses his status to wreak personal vengeance on J K Browne for whistle-blowing on the wrong doing of DJ Reeson supported by the malfeasance HHJ Godsmark the king pin and dictator in the Nottingham County Court. Clear Abuse of procedure clear abuse of discretion and to hell with the innocent victim that is J K Browne as he enters the hostile environment of Godsmark’s kangaroo court

IGNORED by HHJ Godsmark: I now require this police matter to be prepared for trial before a Jury in Nottingham. Currently there was no hearing, no trial, no Judgement no order no consideration of the indisputable evidence, and swept under the carpet by none other then Godsmark. In effect MALFEASANCE throughout! In effect HHJ Godsmark unambiguously ignored the entire matter, however as a Court of record the file will still exist. I now request sight of this file that is my right! I have the transcript. Did the HHJ make an order if so a copy was not sent to me. If an order exists please supply a copy in order that I can appeal it immediately regardless of the time lapse. My numerous transfer applications refused. WHY? IGNORED

One of which will be to issue a claim against the Nottingham Judiciary for £395 plus interest using , all equal before the law, The equality Act 2010. HRA 1998. Inter alia. HMCS is Her Majesty Court service, please note SERVICE is the operative word, and I am treating this matter as such in my claim.

We expect our judges to be honest and wise and above all impartial. Their integrity and impartiality are the bedrock of the entire judicial system. We trust them to ensure fair trials and protect the rights of all litigants’. We expect them to peruse the evidence and purely on the evidence to make a fair Judgment. We expect them to respect fundamental basic Civil Rights, ECHR, HRA, equality rights 2010 Creation of a level playing field.


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