To Godsmark and his Crew

There is one big question that sacrosanct Godsmark refuses to acknowledge never mind answer. This makes Godsmark a liar


Question: Why were cases E78YM442, G81YJ713 and G71YJ219 all derivatives of 3YK08479 and 3YQ10123 transferred to Nottingham without reference to the claimant?

The Court will be aware that these cases received due process, sealed orders at the CCMCC. In effect, there was no justification whatsoever for these transfers. Reprehensible discredited Godsmark has betrayed his judicial brothers in Salford, breached his oath of office, and dismantled the Human Rights ACT. In effect he is a proven liar. Nottingham County Court(godsmark) has been a hostile environment for Mr Browne the claimant for 17 years. All, to enable Godsmark to continue wreaking his personal vengeance against Mr Browne, because Mr Browne took DJ Reeson, Godsmark’s protégé, to the CAC and won his case with £7000 costs forcing Reeson to resign. Shame on you Godsmark. You are a disgrace unfit to be!

I now turn to the kangaroo court set for the 12.10.21 I will attend at 10AM.

Exhibits: 220 faxes 250 emails 50 letters not one single reply or acknowledgement, add to this 9 claim forms, 8 ignored Statements of truth. It is an open and shut case.

Should this date be vacated for the third time! I will seek compensation.

Godsmark cannot be allowed to get away with this malfeasance and misconduct in public office. However this must be seen as a non-judicial act by Godsmark.

3YQ10123(G71YJ219) 3YK08479(E78YM442,G81YJ713) Shame!

On reading the scams carried out by criminals and listed the scams carried out by numerous judges particularly CJ Godsmark and his crew and to a lesser degree by CCMCC. I have concluded that Godsmark is the worst scammer by far as he knows he will not be challenged, in effect he knows he will get away with it. Malfeasance.

Listed below is 8 cases in which I was involved, in each case when I made applications/claims they are swept under the carpet by Godsmark and court fees misappropriated, in one case my 3 bundles of indisputable evidence 100 pages each in support of my case are destroyed by Godsmark with impunity. No explanation offered regardless of numerous letters. Disgraceful godsmark

All Judges concerned are fully aware that they are liars and are prepared to commit perjury as they know no Judge will hear the case and they will get away with it. Unfortunately, this is endemic in Nottingham and Salford courts. How is it possible to respect such judges who cheat and lie to pervert the course of Justice? Shame!

D29YM896, G71YJ219, G81YJ713 3YQ10123, D28YM655, 3YK08479, D29YM183, B40YM896 of which none received a hearing and £7247 paid by Mr Browne in court fees were misappropriated, stolen, in effect fraud by dishonest evil Godsmark and his crew as they know they will get away with it by the use primarily of abuse of the process and their status as so called judges as they commit criminality malfeasance misconduct in public office and cannot be trusted to carry out a fair trial of the facts. Their use of CPRs is false interruption to mean what the so-called judges want it to mean and the LIPs unfortunately do not check it out. Falsely Believing Judges do not Lie.Shame!

Court service date cheque amount case hearing

HMCT service 01/08/13 52 T **£395** no

ditto 27/01/14 54 T £80 no

ditto 03/02/14 55 T £120 no

Central London 07/02/14 60 T £220 no

CAC 05/06/15 39 £235 no

HMCT service 26/06/15 44 £80 no

CAC 30/05/15 46 £235 no

HMCT service 10/07/15 47 £115 no

Ditto 18/09/15 51 £120 no

Ditto 22/01/16 58 £160 no

Ditto 11/03/16 60 £155 no

Ditto 22/03/16 62 £235 no

Ditto 14/04/16 66 £235 no

Ditto 17/05/16 70 £528 no

Ditto 24/05/16 71 £235 no

Ditto 07/06/16 72 £528 no

Ditto 23/05/17 87 £369 scco no

Salford Money claim 26/07/17 89 £115 no

Salford money claim 18/09/17 94 no £205 Liverpool No hearing

HMCT service 24/09/17 95 no £360 SCCO No hearing

Ditto 30/10/17 100 no £70 no

Ditto 02/2/17 101 no £70 no

Ditto 28/03/17 103 no £335 Liverpool No hearing

Ditto 30/04/18 109no £255 Wrigley

Ditto 06/06/18 113no £255 no

Salford money 13/11/18 122 £50 no

HMCT serviced 03/02/19 126 £140 Liverpool No hearing

Ditto 21/05/19 131 £235 no

Ditto 26/06/19 133 £255 app Hell no hearing

Salford 23/01/20 142 £70 no hearing

Nottingham £240 05/03/20 145 £240 no hearing

Nottingham 27/04/20 146 £140 no hearing

High court 26/05/20 147 £240 no hearing

Salford 28/09/20 148 £50 no hearing

Salford 17/11/20 150 £115 no hearing

Nottingham CC 07/06/21 BCC £255 no hearing



The Equality Act 2010

Equality and Human Rights Commission 

Access to Justice Act 1999 a right and not a privilege. That cannot mean anything else.

Human Rights Act 1989 particularly Article 6. That includes the Right to a fair trial, before an impartial Judge and a level playing field.

The Overriding Objective. CPR part 1.2

To say nothing of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948 adopted by the United Nations and our UK.

Theft Act 1968

Fraud Act 2006

According to Godsmark none of these apply to Godsmark and his crew, so our parliament is impotent powerless when faced with the Nottingham supremo Godsmark, who is clearly obsessed with his power to do exactly what he wants even to commiting malfeasance blackmail and perjury his crew into doing his bidding. How criminally scandalous is that?

The truth and nothing but the truth and provable!





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