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Wednesday, 07 November 2018

Updated 04.02.2021

County Court Money Claim Centre

PO Box 527

Salford M5 0BY

Dear DDJ Mackenzie

Thank you for this message, however it is not true. It is evidently a judicial conspiracy Yes. See original notice of issue dated 31.12.2020!

Also see Fax confirmations 10.01.2021, & 12.01.2021! As this matter is over 5 years stalled by the SCCO and “The High Court, Queens Bench Division Nottingham District Registry” and now by CCMCC Salford itself. This is all quite bizarre and discriminatory to say the very least. As a result I have to consider whether or not this is just incompetence, or another attempted scam to deprive Mr Browne of his inalienable rights and perverting the course of Justice in order to do so. In effect this is judicial illegal conspiracy to defraud.! What else could it be?

I am informed that that the defendant the SCCO intends to issue a defence, this is not possible as the SCCO is well, truly and positively out of time. I am still waiting for same as no defend is really possible. This is an “open and shut” case. So this stalling prevaricating and disregarding the indisputable evidence to deprive Mr Browne of his rights is motived and designed to avoid embarrassing HHJ Godsmark and other senior Judges who are guilty of wreaking vengeance on Mr Browne for his success against DJ Reeson in 2003 in effect malfeasance. The fact that the claim for £369 is paid is an admission that the claim was admitted by the defendant in effect the total amount is agreed.

Perhaps DDJ MacKenzie will explain this 5 year delay as it is maladministration to say the least, and an abuse of discretion and abuse of Court power in actual fact and a betrayal of the Judges oath of office! No Judge would stoop that low and get away with it.

The order of DDJ Mackenzie is dated 11.01.2021 sent on the 19.01.2021 delayed 8 days and arrived with me on the 02.02.2021 delayed 13 days, in effect 3 weeks 22 days delayed. WHY! Is there an ulterior motive behind this malfeasance? Yes

I now turn to said order by DDJ MacKenzie in which it refers to an application made by the defendant dated 30.12.2020. Presumable this is a defence against my claim. However I have just been advised of its existence however a copy of this application has not been forwarded to me the claimant. WHY WHY? I am legally entitled to this, Please explain. Surly the court do not intend to hold a kangaroo court to dismiss Mr Browne’s claim! This would not surprise me due to my past experience with Nottingham, London, Leicester and Liverpool county courts ruled by the arch conspirator HHJ Godsmark. This is a denial of the protocol, due process Magna Carta HRA Equality Act access to Justice and the overriding objective. The matter before DDJ is an open and shut case and DDJ MacKenzie and DDJ Nix and must proceed as required by the Request for Judgement and make an order for the defendant to pay the claim.

Unbelievable the matter will be transferred back to Nottingham High Court, what next, where it all started before HHJ Godsmark on 27.01.2015. This will be ordered by Godsmark as he will sweep the entire matter under the carpet never to see the light of day again, ot so he thinks! The order of Mackenzie is 3 weeks delayed and I have not received any notification from Nottingham, nor will I. in this regard. Is this just another delaying tactic by chicanery and subterfuge, it will be remembered that HHJ Godsmark swept it under the carpet on 18.10.2017 never to be seen again and my £369 retained. Currently Nottingham denies any knowledge of this case that is just a repeat of 18.10.2017. Please confirm the date this was sent to Nottingham and did Nottingham confirm receipt of same. Nottingham in the person of HHJ Godsmark is in complete denial due to his malfeasance in the case and will do everything in his power to prevent this matter ever reaching a hearing, it might get an honest and impartial Judge, and he has succeeded so far with the cooperation of the brotherhood of which all the judges involved are die hard members. Currently DDJ MacKenzie and DDJ Nix are put up front to carry the can.

I now have a letter dated 30.11.2020 from Salford that states “The defendant has filed an acknowledgement of service on 26.11.2020”

The defendant responded to the claim indicting an intention to defend all of the claim!

The defendant has 28 days to file a defence.

In effect the 28.12.2020. The current date is 04.02.21 well and truly out of time. Well and truly in default and must pay the claim forthwith.

What exactly is going on here? This is malfeasance YES!

To reiterate:

I require a copy of this so called application, referred to in said order

I require clarification of the date the transfer of this matter was made to Nottingham?

I also require an order for the SCCO to pay my claim of £2465.08!

Should the Court deal with my claims and issue orders accordingly I will have no reason to communicate with the Court. Currently this prevaricating and stalling and partiality are continuing. This is deceitfulness, chicanery, sophistry and effective treachery. Whose motivation is to see Mr Browne off and steal his money?

I can only assume that the Court manager and no doubt a senior Judge has made this decision to undermine the claimant by denying J K Browne access to the County Court’s adjudication and deny access to Justice for Mr Browne.

Currently I have a number of genuine claims made to the CCMCC Salford that have been stalled for 8 years in one case 01.08.2013 3YQ10123 that is still unresolved as at 03.02.2021 and the court fee of £395 misappropriated together with a further £6590 in fees intentionally NOT refunded and no hearings have been held or set down. This is not justice it is discrimination and victimisation bias and malfeasance with malice intent.

This forces and entitles me to make constant representation to the claims court in an effort to get this and other claims resolved. The Court is making this arbitrary uninformed decision to discriminate and victimise J K Browne the claimant, this is illegality performed by the Salford Judiciary to protect bent Judges particularly sacrosanct HHJ Godsmark and his fellow partners in crime.

If this fax communication is not restored in the next 7 days I will have no choice but to make an “unless” application to have it restored as there is no explanation possible for this arbitrary action. Should there be, please advise!

The “rule of law” must be adhered to, particularly by Judges who are trusted to be honest, fair and impartial, unfortunately there is an element of so called judges who abuse their position for various reasons, My situation is a case in point as HHJ Godsmark is wreaking vengeance on Mr Browne for his success against DJ Reeson at the CAC with costs in 2003. Justice will prevail in due course, of that I am sure, so I must keep going until my claims are adjudicated on and the payments are made.

I now require the Salford County Court to restore the use of my fax communications in order that original documents can be sent to said court. If not, please supply the reasons for this arbitrary decision in order that I can decide what legal action I need to take against the County Court at Salford.

I also ask the Court to respect “due process” and follow the correct procedure that includes the strict application of time limits that apply to each and every claim. Unfortunately certain Judges are using deceptive tactics to delay the execution of my claims.

I am fully aware of the solidarity of the Brotherhood of Judges motto (all for one and one for all) but surely there is a limit to this as these Judges are becoming bigger criminals than the criminals they Jail regularly. These so called judges are bullies and deliberately create a hostile environment for any claimant in order to intimidate, bully and victimise in effect blackmail and extortion; this also includes justice by deception as they are completely devoid of conscious, like all criminals.

O what a tangled web these bent judges weave when first they practice to deceive.

This is clearly and unambiguously a JUDICIAL CONSPIRACY led by HHJ Godsmark against the claimant John Kenneth Browne

This matter cano be heard in Nottingham in effect before HHJ Godsmark as he will sweep it under the carpet pronto as he cannot allow this matter to go before an honest judge as he would find for Mr Browne. Godsmark will endeavour to keep the matter before himself or before a Judge Godsmark controls in order to deprive Mr Browne of his rights.

The JCIO and EHRC have been informed throughout but do not even acknowledges my letters in effect they do not want to know. Has godsmark got them under control also.

Yours faithfully and sincerely

J K Browne

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