From J K Browne To: Court Manager, CJ Godsmark, DJ Wylie, DJ Potts and DDJ Elmer 12.10.21 kangaroo court.

Judicial conduct investigation office, don’t want to know!

Equality Human rights commission, not in their remit!

Crown Prosecution Service investigations. No law broken!

Ministry of Justice, Hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil!

Godsmark was/is fully informed but unfortunately must ignore same as he has his own personal agenda that takes priority, the District Judge Reeson debacle, support for British Gas and the police.

Now as Godsmark entered his 68 year on 08.12.21 is there any possibility of him retiring or casting off the mortal coil. I request this as only way “Rule of Law” can be applied, only way “access to Justice” can be applied, only way “HRA” can be applied, only way “due process” can take place. All equal before law is without merit according to sacrosanct CJ Godsmark!

It will also be only way Mr.Browne can get answers to 3 questions asked of CJ Godsmark in writing 21 times to date. Proof available, see file!

Question 1: To Court Manager; Why was case E78YJ442 dated14.08.2018, Court fee £50, transferred to biased CJ Godsmark at Nottingham County Court, Having already received due process and sealed order at CCMCC?

Question 2: To Court Manager: WHY was case G81YM713 dated 03.11.2020 Court fee £115 transferred to biased CJ Godsmark at Nottingham County Court, having already received due process and sealed order at CCMCC

This case is a derivatives of 3YK08479 27.01.2015, as yet unheard. Stalled by J Godsmark Nottm CC to date.

Why was G81YM713 transferred to the claimant’s nemesis CJ Godsmark(Nottm CC) without application, without hearing, without claimant J K Browne given his right to object. WHY? It will be noted that G81 had already received due process plus sealed orders at CCMCC. Irrelevant to biased Godsmark who wishes Mr Browne ILL WILL. Now for the biggest act of malfeasance and misconduct of all, The defendant in these cases is NottmCC(godsmark), as a result the current position of Godsmark is untenable as it has CJ Godsmark sitting in judgement on CJ Godsmark, in effect Nottm CC sitting in judgement on Nottm CC. This is not protocol no matter what criteria, Godsmark knows it. Will the Court Manager investigate this deliberate malfeasance and misconduct in public office plus fraud of court fees.

Re: kangaroo court 12.10.21 DDJ Elmer. Transcript requested 14.10.21 No response to date. Appeal NG21.098 dated 14.10.21 no response to date, court fee £129 not refunded to date paid by Barclaycard. I will make a claim to Barclaycard as Nottm Court(godsmark) accepted my money and not delivered the service.

As such this is a breach of contract. What would a JURY make of that? An open and shut case undoubtedly!

To Court Manager: Why was case G71YJ219 transferred to Nottingham (Godsmark) having received full due process at CCMCC and sealed order. G71YJ219 is a direct derivative of 3YQ10123 01.08.2013 £395 court fee not refunded that remains unresolved and stalled by Godsmark at Nottingham to date. The situation is the same as above precisely except for the fact that no hearing is set down, regardless of the so called transfer, so the due process and sealed order from CCMCC still applies, and will be pursued vigorously come 04.01.2022. John Keneth Browne 04.01.2022. Will the Court Manager reply to avoid accusations of conspiracy? Godsmark will ignore as usual! Is he real? RSVP.

Should there be any further detailed information required please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned

John Kenneth Browne, 24 Bridgford Rd. West Bridgford, Nottingham NG2 6AB P&F: 0115 9142564.

M: 07776 206668 e:

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John Kenneth Browne 

24 Bridgford Road West Bridgford

Nottingham NG2 6AB

P & F: 01159142564 M: 07776 306668


Senior Courts Costs Office

Thomas More Building

Royal Courts of Justice

Strand London WC2A 2LL

Thursday, 14 September 2017

Dear Costs Master

Case no 2KY08479

Please find enclosed the package you returned to me and I object to this matter been transferred to Nottingham on the grounds of actual incontestable bias This was proceeding normally until British Gas and their officers of the Court intervened and demanded a return to Nottingham. British Gas and Co gets favour by this Nottm Judiciary due to BIAS against me and they are awarded £50,000 in costs. This bias is due to my successful case against DJ Reeson, a member of the Nottingham Brotherhood of Judges, that I won with costs and also forced him to resign. He was a big friend of HHJ Godsmark, Nottingham Kingpin, who has it in for me ever since. I have pointed this out in my letters to you that you have not read. It is strange that British Gas/officers of the Court are London based but want the matter dealt with in Nottingham, due to the favourable treatment they receive there £50,000 costs against me on a money claim. No bill of costs allowed. No costs assessment allowed. This will also increase their costs and I will lose my claim and have to pay their costs again, by order of HHJ Godsmark. Example: I win my appeal and awarded £45 costs the loser British Gas is awarded £3000. This is actual Bias! I can only expect the same.

This is my application I paid the fee and now the defendant is calling the tune. I am not consulted just given a fait accompli. I have not had a say in this matter whatsoever, this is not right. This is manipulation by British Gas and their officers of the Court and this has happened many times before and get everything they ask for and more, as they can be sure of favourable treatment by the HHJ Godsmark who will instruct the rest of the Judiciary. I decided to apply to London and insist that it is heard there. My attempts to get out of Nottingham have been thwarted many times by this same method. As a LIP it appears I am expendable and can be manoeuvred just by the request of an officer of the Court. I refuse to be treated like this and have a right to Access to Justice. Article 6 HRA. Equality act 2010, and many others breached at the behest of a legal.

I want this matter dealt with by an impartial Judge and not by biased HHJ Godsmark, clearly the Kingpin at Nottingham. This is my right and I earnestly request that this matter remain in London. Please do not ask me to apply to Nottingham Judiciary for a transfer as I have done this 20 times before and always been refused. Of course there will be another fee to pay and I will end up paying costs to British Gas again. It appears that Godsmark can do what he likes when he likes for whatever reason he likes, this not right and an abuse of power and the independence of the Judiciary. I have had to put up with this for almost 5 years now. Will some impartial Judge put a stop to this? I have numbered each page for easy reference.

Page 3] A shortened version of the BIAS

Page 6] Again I am pointing out the Bias in the Nottingham Judiciary.

Copy of the most recent letter to you when at last I received their points of dispute.

I also enclose a list of all the Judges by name involved in this money claim that could and should have been dealt with in 3 hours but to make sure that I am properly punished and heavily penalised to £50.000 HHJ Godsmark dragged it out for 4 years 24 judges 12 hearings 24 orders all because HHJ

Godsmark is a close friend of DJ Reeson in the brotherhood. He denied the rule on recusal, broke every protocol in the book including his oath of office, lied twice from the bench. This HHJ has not only influenced 24 Judges at Nottingham he has also persuaded the CAC to ignore my 5 Appellants Notices that I paid £1761 in fees that they kept regardless of my requests for refund. However I made a money claim against them that they have partial paid to date. He had also persuaded the Ministry of Justice to ignore me also. Clearly this HHJ has influence throughout and is confidently operating a personal vendetta against me. I have sent copies of this to the HHJ and it is ignored.

I now come to the most biased action my HHJ Godsmark: I made a claim against the police many years ago for criminal assault, Godsmark decided to deal with this alongside the civil action with British Gas. This was wrong for a start. However on the 6/08/14 hearing of the British Gas matter he started to deal with the police matter also, however it was not listed that day but he proceeded anyway. I pointed out that it was not listed and he said he would check it out, and that was the last I heard of this. Swept under the carpet in Godsmark office. I enclose the appropriate page of the Transcript and the listing for that day. I also paid a fee for my claim against the Police; this was for a hearing before a jury that never happened. I have asked for it back and ignored. I will now make a money claim against HMCS County Court at Nottingham for this fee to be returned with interest and of course another court fee.

As you will no doubt have set this in motion and sent back my cheque, I will therefore forward another Cheque to cover your fee. I look forward to receiving a hearing date ASAP. They have delayed this for much too long already and are now prepared to drag it even further.

My application to the Senior Courts Costs Office still stands. There is no way this matter can be heard in Nottingham. I do not recognise this court as a Court of Law, particularly when HHJ Godsmark decides all issues when it comes to J K Browne. Who must not be allowed to win anything not even a crumb?


Last letter to Senior Courts Costs Office 04/09/2017. Self-explanatory

List of judges involved in the British Gas case. Absurd! This is crazy. HHJ Godsmark bias knows no bounds

Relevant page of the transcript in British Gas matter 06/08/2014 Civil Matter Bias

Copy of the listing for that day, no listing for Police case, a criminal assault matter. However HHJ was prepared to go ahead anyway.

Surely these matters have to be heard separately or does HHJ Godsmark have special powers that makes him immune to honour and integrity. But clearly enjoys his acts of vengeance.

Yours sincerely

J K Browne


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