To: Nottingham County Court Manager

From: John Kenneth Browne

You are required to ensure this entire document is placed on the appropriate court file for use at the hearing before a Jury due to Godsmark wish to sweep the entire matter under the carpet, in effect discrimination and malfeasance against Mr Browne for winning his case against DJ Reeson 2003.

Notice of transfer of G71YJ219 dated 02.09.2021 received 06.09.2021 together with the order of DDJ Masheder dated 01.09.2021. Both of which require the claim to be transferred from CCMCC to Nottingham where bias is endemic, no hearing will take place ever, this matter is over 6 years old already and stalled, blocked, by CJ Godsmark himself. Thus the transfer, as the CCMCC will not cooperate with Godsmark’s malfeasance and misconduct in public office.

I now object to this transfer in no uncertain terms and invoke CPR 3.3(4). My Right to stop this transfer as it will mean Godsmark sitting in Judgement on Godsmark. This is an amendment on the previous version. Nottingham County Court sitting in Judgment on Nottingham County Court. Malfeasance by Godsmark

To say I am Flabbergasted, Stunned, and Astounded would to under state my reaction upon receiving the notice of transfer of Case number G71YJ219 from CCMCC to Nottingham for adjudication!, This is after DDJs Niz, Hollington, Ranson, Mackenzie and Thexton and now Masheder have used subterfuge, fabrications, deceptions, chicanery, sophistry and blatant discrimination and intimidation against Mr Browne as instructed by Godsmark. Needless to say this is loathsome and revolting behaviour of Judges to say nothing of abuse of the process, misconduct in public office in effect malfeasance. It looks like there is no end to Godsmarks determination to include CCMCC in his sickening revenge against Mr Browne.

Has the CCMCC noticed the title of this case “Claimant: John Kenneth Browne Defendant: The County Court at Nottingham” case number G71YJ219, now look at the notice of transfer of case G71YJ219 “The County Court at Nottingham for adjudication. This is absurd a Court cannot sit in judgement on itself this also means that CJ Godsmark cannot sit in Judgement on CJ Godsmark This is not protocol, is abuse of the process and actual malfeasance and misconduct in public office and is not progress able.

It must be remembered that this case G71YJ219 has already received full due process at CCMCC. The claim is primary a derivative of case no 3YQ10123 that has yet to be resolved, yet G71YJ219 is to be adjudicated on by Nottingham before 3YQ10123. Case G71YJ219 cannot go ahead until 3YQ10123 is complete. However the only reason for this transfer is so that Godsmark can sweep it under the carpet as he has done with E78MY442 and G81YJ713 already. Godsmark has no intention of setting down a hearing as it would incriminate Godsmark himself as Godsmark is guilty of malfeasance and blatant discrimination against Mr Browne, proved! No response so Godsmark is claiming his right to silence as it would incriminate himself. How does this come to

John Kenneth Browne ClaimantNottingham County Court (Godsmark) DefendantGodsmark is in complete denial. He will be aware that case number G71YJ219 is a derivative of 3YQ10123 dated 01.08 2013, almost 9 years ago, in which £395 court fee was paid by Mr Browne. No hearing, no adjudication took place and £395 was never refunded as it was blocked by Godsmark. In effect discrimination and misappropriation, Bizarre is it not!

Since that time over £7000 has been defrauded in the same way by Godsmark. Bizarre yes!

What part of the original claim G71YJ219 form dated 28.09.2020 does NCC and Godsmark not understand?

What part of the notice of issue of claim G71YJ219 do the NCC and Godsmark not understand?

What part of Request for Judgement dated 31.12.2020 of G71YJ219 Does the NCC & Godsmark not understand? What part of the mandatory time limit detailed in the request for Judgement G71YJ219 dated 31.12.20 does the NCC and Godsmark not under understand?

What part of the sealed order G71YJ219 dated 02.03.21 does the NCC and Godsmark not understand?

What part of due process of G71YJ219 do the NCC and Godsmark not understand?

What part of “abuse of process” do the NCC and Godsmark not understand?

What part of Malfeasance and misconduct do the NCC and Godsmark not understand?

The procedure rules clearly state that Deputy District Judges cannot overrule orders by a Circuit Judges.

The Court will be aware that DDJs are part time trainee Judges and still part time solicitors. Solicitors are not known for their honesty and unfortunately some become judges.

The DDJs involved in this fiasco G71YJ219 are Nix, Hovington, Ranson, Mackenzie, Thexton and now Masheder are in breach of their oath of office. Six judges with one instruction from Godsmark, the avenger, to deprive Mr Browne of his inalienable

rights. In effect malfeasances in public office and as a result their orders are now invalid, in effect defunct. What part of the involvement of HHJs Hellman, Freeland, Saggerson and Fine in case number 3YQ10123 01.08.13 of which G71YJ219 is a derivative not understood by NCC and Godsmark?

What part of the involvement of HHJ Godsmark 3YQ10123 2014 and the transcript of same is denied by Godsmark?

What part of the appeal against the order of HHJ Freeland is not understood by NCC and Godsmark?

Why was the appeal application against the order of CJ Freeland made to Godsmark 3YQ10123 swept under the carpet by Godsmark? malfeasance

Why was £240 court fee paid to Nottingham County Court misappropriated and not refunded as no hearing whatsoever took place? Fraud breach of contract!

My 3 Bundles of indisputable evidence sent to Godsmark in support of my appeal are destroyed in effect not returned is destruction of property criminal?

Case number G71YJ219 is a derivative of 3YQ10123 dated 01.08 2013 in which £395 court fee was paid!

What part of the claim for the return of my £240 plus interest and the cost of replacing 3 bundles of evidence not understood by NCC and Godsmark?

What part of this malfeasance is not understood by NCC and Gods mark?

What part of the claim made to CCMCC Salford naming The County Court at Nottingham as the defendant is not understood?

Is the Court aware that CPRs are personally interrupted to mean what the learned Judge wants it to mean, this is Justice by deception in effect criminal.

What part of this request, that all these questions be answered honestly and sincerely with integrity is not understood by NCC and Godsmark?

Is the court aware that all the above is designed to prevent any of this been heard before an impartial Judge ever to protect Godsmark as he is guilty of malfeasance in public office.

Is the court aware that the integrity and impartiality of our judiciary is the bedrock of our legal system? Unfortunately, the named judges above have lost the plot and are attacking the very foundations of our legal system led by CJ Godsmark. They are fixated by the ideology that they must support their brother Judge CJ Godsmark and his subordinates as above, and their fellow illegals who might become Judges by order of the MOJ. Making the unelected political judiciary dictatorship more powerful than our elected government! As a result of this chicanery and in order to avoid any misunderstanding we must have elected Judges as the current judiciary are rotten to the core biased vengeful arrogant and believe they are sacrosanct. Particularly Godsmark.

Finally, I have no hesitation in calling all these DDJs liars, cheats, thieves, abusers of the process, all part of the conspiracy to deprive Mr Browne of his rights and his money £7000 to date. They have no justification or authority to overrule senior judges who already have adjudicated correctly. Has Godsmark asked the relevant questions or is the fixation stronger than Justice and integrity and joined them.

Lord Woolf comments in his Interim Access to Justice Report [June 95] at Para 7 of chapter 17 :-“The situation is made worse for them [litigants in person] if they have tried to understand and comply with the rules, only to find that the rules are flouted by lawyers, and effectively condoned by the Courts [Judges]”.

Regretfully HHJ Godsmark has not only condoned but actively promote the abandonment of all protocols acts of parliament together with all CPRs as he wreaks personal vengeances of Mr Browne for his success at the CAC against DJ Reeson a member of the Brotherhood.

Access to justice is a right not a privilege and as such cannot be interpreted to mean anything else. In that regard it will play an important part in helping to maintain the Courts commitment to access to justice as a right available to all. Lord Dyson, Master of the Rolls 11th December 2012.

HHJ Godsmark has no respect for Lord Dyson or for the law itself as he proceeds to deny Mr Browne the simple right to access to Justice as he wreaks vengeances on Mr Browne

HRA Article 6.

Together with the right to a fair trial before an impartial Judge. The right to level playing field. HHJ Godsmark does not believe in fair trials so he just ignores all Mr Browne’s evidence that is over- whelming no matter what criteria used in order to find against him and favour to multinational British Gas. Now the Mr Browne finds himself in a further case 3YQ10123 where Godsmark is following the same vengeance tactics. Provable

CJ does not agree with the HRA and reserves the right to disregard it, and invoke the right to remain silent as to answer the above enquiries would incriminate CJ Godsmark.

Now for the biggest Lie of all

Affirmation – Judicial
I, Nigel Graham Godsmark, do solemnly sincerely and truly declare and affirm that I will well and truly serve our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth the Second in the office of Judge and I will do right to all manner

of people after the laws and usages of this realm without fear or favour affection or ill will

Access to Justice only applies when Godsmark authorises it by his order.


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