I, John Kenneth Browne make this statement of truth. The evidence below is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.

20.08.20 scan Oct 14

Case number 3YK08479

The order of the High Court of Justice

Queen’s Bench Division. Nottingham District Registry

Dated 27.01.2015

Please note the case number for the above is 3YK08479 and the Assessment application 3YK08479 to the SCCO in which I paid £369 court fee. Any deviation from this is malfeasance and a gross abuse of the process. Be aware this assessment never took place and my £369 was misappropriated.

The case number E78YM442 is a derivative of case 3YK08479 is a separate individual claim and must be treated as such, made to CCMCC where a final order was made and not withdrawn for the return of my £369. Part payment of £369 was made leaving a small balance of £259.67 payable forthwith. It is not understood why Godsmark is currently doing everything in his power to block compliance with his own order 27.01.2015. Is it a conflict of interest? Godsmark refuses to comply with the rule on recusal. The behaviour of Godsmark is bizarre and clear abuse of the process. The facts and the history speak for themselves!

Presided over by HHJ Godsmark sitting in the High Court of Justice, Queens Bench Division, Nottingham District Registry. Nottingham Justice centre.

The Claimant: British Gas Trading Ltd. Defendant: John Kenneth Browne

It is ordered that

  1. Claimants application be dismissed
  2. Claimant to pay the defendants costs of the application to be subject to detailed assessment if not agreed

This order of Godsmark makes British Gas the debtor to Mr Browne for over 6 years as no effort was made by British Gas to make a payment or cooperate with SCCO. However the payment was not enumerated by the order of Godsmark.

My bill of costs to British Gas is ignored. I apply to SCCO as ordered by HHJ Godsmark

Notice of Commencement of assessment of bill of costs is dated 05.04.2017 by that time the costs had escalated to £2020. Now 09.05.2021 a further 4 years interest of £646.40 is added and all still remains unpaid making the total to date £2666.40

This assessment never took place, clear favour to British Gas by SCCO, abuse of process!

On the 18.10.2017 Letter from SCCO to Mr Browne confirming transfer of the entire case to Nottingham to be swept under the carpet by Godsmark!

It also states “This case was heard in the Nottingham District Registry” I assume this refers to original order 27.01.2015 as no other hearing took place.

It also confirms that my £369 court fee is retained by the SCCO.

This transfer to Godsmark will ensure that the matter it will be swept under the carpet

The assessment is now stalled by order of HHJ Godsmark.

So I now make a claim at CCMCC for the return of £369 court fee 13.11.2018 plus interest.

Due to no response I issue a Request for Judgement dated 30.11.2019

This confirmed that the claim was issued on 04.12.2018 and sent to the SCCO on 05.12.2018

Received by the SCCO 07.12.2018! Allowing the SCCO until 21/12/2018 to reply to the claim.

The SCCO ignored the claim that protocol and due process required and this resulted in an a sealed order dated 24.01.2019 requiring the SCCO to pay the claim in full £570.33

This order is ignored by order of Godsmark

Now I receive a cheque 12.10.2020 from the SCCO for £369 in part payment of the claim leaving a balance of £259.67 to pay.

I now issue a further Request for Judgment dated 31.12.2020 crediting the claim with £369

This resulted correctly in a sealed order dated 02.02.2021 requiring the SCCO to pay the £259.67 forthwith. This again is ignored by Godsmark that is a total abuse of the process.

Note the claim form clearly states on page 2 “does or will your claim include any issues under the Human Rights Act 1987, I ticked the yes box. HHJ Godsmark has denied me my rights under the Human Rights Act 1987. Particularly article 6, my right to a fair trial before an impartial Judge within a reasonable time. Totally ignored by HHJ Godsmark!

The SCCO were out of time on all counts throughout case number E78YM442 so the claim is valid and must be paid forthwith

The SCCO, with two exceptions and Godsmark (Nottingham C C) is abusing the process, abusing discretion, abusing Court power and making a mockery of the whole process.

Regardless of this there is far worse malfeasance to come, the orders in case Number E78YM442 are disregarded by order of HHJ Godsmark and this case is transferred to Nottingham where Godsmark is the supremo, and Justice by deception is his speciality, grand master of the brotherhood and possibly the universe where he can continue wreaking his vengeance on Mr Browne due to his success against District Judge Reeson Godsmark’s protégé with costs at the CAC in 2003 for which Godsmark wreaks vengeances.

I now find that the E78YM442 has been set up for an ambush and a kangaroo court presided over by a biased judge HHJ Godsmark. Who is determined to sit in Judgement on himself as he is now denying the provisions of his own order 27.01.2015, is this believable!

I now come to the telephone hearing this is just another method of undermining and denying Mr Browne his rights.

This begs the question why has Godsmark ordered the matter transferred to Nottingham when the matter was completed in Salford, the reason is Godsmark wants to sweep the entire matter under the carpet.


WHO authorised the transfer of case E78YM442 to Nottingham and why. Answer HHJ Godsmark. As there is no legal or logic reason for this transfer as the matter was finalised in Salford. So there is an ulterior motive, Godsmark’s continues wreaking vengeance on Mr Browne since 2003. This is a clear abuse of process.

Under Godsmark’s instructions Biased DJ (it’s a cock up) Wylie’s kangaroo court will perjury himself to appease Godsmark. A clear abuse of process!

A fake application 10 pages of absurdity E78YM442 requiring Wylie’s kangaroo court to strike out this claim. A clear abuse of the process

Abuse of the process: Something that is unfair and wrong

Abuse of process: Preponderance of clear and convincing evidence

The improper abuse of the process, causing delay (in the case of Godsmark 17 years)

Malicious abuse of process and wrongful use of civil proceedings (read below)

The existence of an ulterior motive to abuse the process (DJ Reeson 2003)

Interference with the administration of Justice by HHJ Godsmark.

Oppressive and personal vengeance against the LIP

There are 2 Bona Fide sealed orders by Judges at Salford that are correctly made. Appreciated by the writer however Godsmark is over ruling these Judges as he has vowed that Mr Browne will not be allowed to win in any County Court and he considers his oath of office irrelevant.

Unfortunately the current transfers of E78YM442 to Nottingham are not bono fide and an abuse of the process.

The original order by Godsmark was made in the High Court and any objection must be made by at least in the high Court not in the County court where it is now been overruled by DDJs, this utterly wrong and all the judges know it.

This is aggressive abuse of process by Godsmark. He must recuse himself immediately and withdraw his instructions given to his cronies.

Please acknowledge receipt of this document as it is statement of truth to be presented to the open Court as a telephone call will not be able to read this out and be taken into account, and this would be an abuse of the process. The Corona virus will be over by the end of May so an open court hearing will be appropriate and necessary for justice to be done.

20.08.20 scan Oct 14


Order of HHJ Godsmark in the High Court dated 27.01.2015

Letter from SCCO dated 18.10.2017

Abuse of process as defied by law

To follow shortly a STATEMENT OF TRUTH regarding case number G71YJ219

Also to follow shortly STATEMENT OF TRUTH case number G81YJ713

As a reminder these cases plus E78YM442 will require a hearing in open court as I need to see the faces of DJ Wylie, Potts and all judges in Nottingham controlled by Godsmark as preside over their kangaroo courts.

I now notice that Godsmark has involved himself in thes matters, he is as biased as it is possible to be against Mr Browne for 17 years and must stand down recusal forthwith.

The telephone hearing plus all the DDJs subterfuge involved have all the requirements needed to ambush Mr Browne by Abuseing the process. and set up a kangaroo court controlled by HJ Godsmark.

Question is there any honest Judges in the County Court at Nottingham

Jojn Kenneth Browne



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