To CJ Godsmark and his fellow conspirators

Why is it a surprise that Wayne Couzens murdered Sarah? He clearly expected to get away with it as a police officer! He will have done this before and so will his fellow officers, as they are all sexual predators, but the culture code is “keep your mouth shut”. This makes every officer responsible for Sarah’s murder. The police have been out of control for 20 years. Standards have been eroded right left and centre. We now have disrespectful arrogant rude officers who believe they are sacrosanct with dirty scruffy beards, convicted criminals and dwarfs as police officers. Only the police can make the word “SIR” sound like an insult. We now also have over 200 serving police officers with criminal records, this is unbelievable. However this does not include the ones that were not reported or covered up by the closing of ranks that occurs daily in police stations. It is like putting a fox in charge of the henhouse. It is clear that Jimmy Saville also received the protection of the police as he was a fellow sexual predator. We told our police put themselves in danger every day, this is a myth, they run away from danger at every opportunity. There are rare exceptions of course. There is a parallel of this malfeasance in our judiciary and there are numerous examples of this already supplied since 2003 in 389 Faxes, 460 emails and 50 letters. None of which received a single reply or acknowledgement or explanation. Bizarre Yes

Police are public servants, try telling that to a police officer and you will get a rude and sarcastic reply or maybe be arrested on a made up charge. They always believe they are superior and act that way, talk down to the public who they consider stupid. Should a member of the public make a complaint about an officer there will be a very quick closing of all ranks, the word will go out and the complainant will be targeted.

I, J K Browne talk from brutish experience I now have a criminal record framed by our police for assault because I reported an assault on my person by 3 brutal police officers previously. Now the Courts go along with this treachery and ignore the evidence as the police and the judiciary are partners in crime and operate the same culture and code. Making Mr Browne the victim of malfeasance, misconduct in public office, Guilty of the offence of Fraud Act 2006 Theft Act 1968!

Should a person persist with their complaint they will be given the run around. Should the matter go to Court the Judge will automatically find for the police regardless of the evidence. In effect the Courts operate a parallel system with the police and if the evidence is over-whelming against the police the court will stall use chicanery, subterfuge and any other device to protect themselves and the police. With that sort of protection the police and the judges can and do get away with murder. Should anybody want further details of Mr Browne’s experience at the hands of our brutal police officers and biased Judges? READ ON!

On the 16th September 2007 WPC 2648 Self called at my business premises to interview me regarding a so called assault on a previous employee named Aga, that I had sacked some weeks previously for stealing. WPC Self was clearly having a bad day as her attitude was aggressive. I denied any assault and was irritated by the suggestion particularly on a Sunday morning. I was surprised that the police had the time to waste on such a minor issue that was AGA looking for vengeance.

The WPC wanted to interview me in my private quarters I felt that this was not necessary and refused. This refusal appeared to upset this WPC as she went into a rage. During this rage the WPC unlawfully arrested me, no caution or reason was given. As I went to get my shoes she unlawfully gassed me from behind my left ear without warning.

In my comatose state I vaguely recollect seeing through watering eyes 3 police cars sirens blaring with flashing lights with 6 police officers all coming to a non emergency. I was no danger to anybody and in my comatose state I was helpless. However I was violently abused by 2 heavies and had my hands clamped, not handcuffed, behind my back. I was then violently force marched in my bare feet around my own car park in front of my customers and neighbours for some time as we had to wait for a special secure police van to arrive as I clearly was too dangerous to be transported in a police car.

I was locked in this high security van in very confined space for over one hour and was traumatised to the degree that I passed out on at least two occasions. I was transported to WB police station, left in the van and after a further 15 mins of torture I was transported by PC 3172 Lewis to Carlton PS where I was processed like a common criminal or worse. Figure prints DNA etc.

I was then incarcerated in police cell for 7 hours without food but did get a glass of water. During this incarceration I was so traumatised that I thought he was having a heart attack. Luckily I was able to turn myself off otherwise I would have gone mad at this unbelievable unwarranted behaviour of the police.

At about 9 pm the duty solicitor arrived and I was advised to plead guilty to everything and I would be cautioned and released. Unbelievable as none of this happened. During that interview there was no mention of the ABH. The suggestion was that I assaulted an employee and pushed the WPC. There was no evidence for any of this. It was suggested by PC Bundell that I may have touched them be accident This did not happen however I admitted that it was possible but I did not recall it happening. I did this because throughout the day I was so heavily intimidated and frightened for my safety by the whole situation I would have admitted to the assignations of Lincoln and Kennedy.

Since that time I have been trying to get information particularly a copy of the tape and the reports of the officers concerned.

Since that time I have tried to find out why I was arrested?

Why did the WPC find it necessary to gas me?

Why did the heavy officers find it necessary to abuse and use violence on me i9n my gassed state. Just violence for its own sake.

Why was it really necessary to have a heavily secured police van to transport me?

I have reported AGA’s boyfriend for attacking me and threatening me with violence, a major criminal offence. Why have the police not even interviewed him never mind taken any action against him?

As the WPC gassed me from behind my left ear verified by my doctor I accuse her of GBH.

As it was totally unnecessary for the PC’s to torture me and use violence in my weakened condition due to the gas and tortured me resulting in a heavily bruised my left wrist I accuse them of ABG.

My request for a copy of WPC Self’s report and that of PC Lewis’s report is ignored. WHY?

It is now adding insult to injury as there is a closing of ranks and stalling and I cannot get answers to any of these questions. However I did manage to find out the name and number of the WPC and the PC who are now in denial despite the investigating officer’s unwillingness to impart anything. To make matters worst the so called investigating officer makes no secret of her bias in favour of the WPC to the point of accusing me of sexist against women and makes every effort to undermine me and negate my complaint.

Should you require further details please contact the victim of the above and his attached profile. John Kenneth Browne 20 Bridgford Rd. West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 6AB

M: 07776 306668 P&F 01159142564

Proprietor/Licensee of Talbot House Hotel Bridgford Road West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 6AB

I have been the proprietor of the Talbot and licensee 1978.

I have always cooperated and supported the police.

I have been a law abiding citizen all my life.

I have never committed or been accused of a criminal offence

I have never been arrested in my life.

I have always worked hard all my life, currently 7 days a week.

Never taken any benefits from the state!

I have always been a heavy tax payer all my working life.

I have been on jury service, sat on the jury in a criminal trial.

I have stood in 3 general elections 1997, 2001, 2005 2010

In effect I have been model citizen all my life.

No speeding offences or parking offences

Do not smoke or gamble or drink

I am an avid recycler of all the items in my business

My character, reputation and credibility have always been important to me.

The WPC with her own agenda, nothing to do with me, became aggressive and lost control decided that she had something to prove and for this I have to be the victim. However this arrest will be added to her arrest record and she will be promoted.

I have been the victim of conduct that inappropriate by police officers.

As a member of the public I have not been treated with the respect.

The extraordinary powers and authority police officers are granted was abused.

The police officers acted in a manner that discredited and undermined my confidence and that of the general public in the police service.

The officers involved are in breach of Health and safety regulations during this incident. My health and safety was totally ignored.

I was gassed for no reason whatsoever and since that time I have been unable to get any information whatsoever regardless of asking numerous times and been stalled. The whole thing was horrendous; I am totally devastated and distraught to say the least

I now have to believe that this abuse of power is not endemic in the police force.

Finally I apologise for the lengthy nature of this letter. However it is absolutely necessary to ensure that none of the facts are deliberately lost by the investigator’s stalling and reliance on the passage of time to dilute, diminish and hopefully circumvent the relevant facts of the matter.

I confirm that the above statement is factually correct most of which can be proved. Should be dealt as a serious matter and not put on the back burner as it is at the moment.




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