For the special attention of N G Godsmark to remind him of his order of the 27.01.2015 unheard to date and also to remind Godsmark of case 3YQ10123 01.08.2013 unheard to date. Yet unbelievably the 3 off shouts of both cases are still stalled in the Nottingham County Court at th behest of CJ Godsmark. E78YM442 on going as at 13.03.2022. G71YJ713 on going as at 13.03.2022. G71YJ219 on going as at 13.03.2022. Malfeasance, Conspiracy, Corruption, Misconduct by CJ Godsmark proved!

Putin is what he is and Godsmark Is no different. For Godsmark read Putin, for Putin read Godsmark

Putins Barbarity, brutality will go down in history as an evil arrogant dictator with a serious mental disorder in effect schizophrenia.

Godsmark’s corruption, malfeasance misconduct will go down in history as the actions of an evil arrogant dictator with a serious mental disorder in effect schizophrenia.

Putins war with Ukraine has been going on for over 8 years

Godsmark has waged war on Mr Browne for 8 years also, how biased is that.

Putin has breached international law, common/natural law, decency human rights with abandon.

Godsmarks breaches British law/international law, common/natural law, decency Human rights all protocols that he has lied about from the bench.

Putin blackmails Ukraine, the world and the Russian population.

Godsmark blackmails J K Browne, effectively coercions his juniors DJs Wylie, Potts DDJ Elmer to operate kangaroo courts to penalise Mr Browne also manages to intimidate all judges at Nottingham, Salford, Leicester and liverpool County Courts and finally HMC&T service in effect the entire elected government.

Putins war of terror and attrition murder will not be forgotten and he will be brought to account in due course

Godsmark’s war of attrition and fraud against Mr Browne will not be forgotten and Godsmark will be brought to account sooner or later by an impartial High Court Judge. He will be impeached as his behaviour is abhorrent.

Putins barbarism will shame Russia and its people for generations to come and will see the end of Dictator Vladimir Putin

Godsmark’s dishonesty, corruption conspiracy and malfeasance will shame Nottingham County Court for generation to come and will see the end of sacrosanct autocrat N G Godsmark

Putins evil hope of a quick victory is thwarted by an honest and forthright people who will succeed. The truth will out. Putin must go.

Godsmark’s evil hope for a quick dispatch of Mr Browne is thwarted by an honest innocent upright respectable gentleman who will succeed eventually also. Godsmark must go.

Putin must be held responsibility for his criminality and war crimes

Godsmark must be held responsibility for his misconduct and malfeasance in public office

Putin wants to return to the old times of the evil and corrupt USSR he will fail as the will of the people of UKRAINE will prevail.

Godsmark wants the days of the all-powerful evil corrupt hanging judges of medieval times. When he could do as he liked without challenge. He has failed. He will get his comeuppance I due course.

If Putin manages to subjugate Ukraine it will be a hollow victory and the fight will go on until putin is kicked out of Ukraine and peace and common sense is restored.

Godsmark wishes to subjugate Mr Browne by using malfeasance and subterfuge and the illegal power of his status

Putin is setting out to destroy democracy and the rule of law in a civilised world in order to protect his autocracy from destruction. He is devoid of conscious, Lives in a self-created hostile environment in a world of his own and cares little for his own people.

Godsmark has already destroyed democracy and the rule of law in England sees himself as a dictator in order to protect his autocracy in this green and pleasant land of Magna Carta. Hates Litigants in person and makes no secret of it, proofs available. Shame on you Godsmark you are a disgrace.

Putins knows no bounds, he is an authoritarian despot, he discriminates and wants to destroy all opposition by any means he chooses and have a Stalin like autocracy. In effect he is a left wing Nazi.

Godsmark knows no bounds, he is a authoritarian despot, he discriminates and actually destroys all applications and claims for Justice and misappropriates the fees money. Mr Browne could not believe he would have the power to do this, he doesn’t. he has done this did not have the power to do this. However he continues his disgraceful determination to wreak vengeance on Mr Browne for his success against DJ Reeson at the CAC in 2003 with £7000 costs, forcing Reeson to resign. Godsmark has never forgiven Mr Browne for this and has penalised him at every opportunity ever since to the tune of £7000. DJ Reeson was a close friend and protégé of Grand Master CJ Godsmark and an important member of the brotherhood.

big putin Guilty of malfeasance and blackmail on Ukraine

C:\Users\User\OneDrive\Documents\Desktop\Nigel Graham Godsmark Screen-Shot-2015-08-06-at-08.32.55 - Copy - Copy.png kangaroo - Copy

20.08.20 scan Oct 14The order of CJ Godsmark dated 27.01.2015 Case 3YK08479 “Exists” Proved beyond doubt regardless of

Godsmark’s lies that it does not exist. It exists!

Regardless of Godsmark’s malfeasance as he uses subterfuge to pull the wool over the eyes of Mr Browne to make out order 27.01.2015 does not exist.

Such is the dishonesty and malfeasance of Godsmark Unfortunately nobody told Wylie, Potts, and Elmer Godsmark’s lackeys either.

Godsmark is not a democrat he is a dictator, the rule of law does not apply to him as he is above the law. Due process does not apply to him. He has no time for the Human Rights Act or the Equality Act.

He hates litigants in person, and wreaks personal vengeance on them. Has he lost the plot, does he suffers from schizophrenia that habitual liars are prone to due to guilt and mental strain.


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