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TO: Judicial complaints investigation office. Equality Human Rights commission

Her Majesty’s Crown Prosecution Service Investigations. Ministry of Justice

Case No.3YQ10123 dated 01.08.2013. Over 7 years old and not heard to 08.03.21 by order of HHJ Godsmark. Bizarre! J K Browne claimant v Chief Constable of Notts! Defendant

Judges involved in this conspiracy: HHJ Godsmark, HHJ Hellman, HHJ Freeland, HHJ Saggerson, DJ Fine. HHJ Coe. DJ Wrigley and HHJ Dight with Ruth Edwards MP.

Recusal: When a Judge must withdraw from a Case. Godsmark refuses recusal and makes a mockery of our legal system, denies due process, believes he is sacrosanct!

Mr N G Godsmark does not accept any Acts of Parliament or Due process or CPRs or the rule of law or human rights or equality as he wreaks his personal vengeance on Mr Browne and steals his money

He hides behind “independence of the Judiciary”. using the political Judiciary to lie and cheat.

As the CAC has refused to hear this case as the evidence is overwhelming and compelling. This is the 5th time the CAC has done this to J K Browne. In effect the CAC together with Godsmark have created a hostile environment.The CAC transferred the case to High Court Nottingham. Case no 2019/P1/12356.CAC case number. Now to be heard by a High Court Judge Nottingham where it is again swept under the carpet by Godsmark!

Godsmark makes a mockery of our legal system and denies due process. Breaches HRA\


It is logical that this appeal be heard in Nottingham before a JURY the parties including my chief witness HHJ Godsmark are domiciled and based there. High Court in London agrees as the return of my 3 bundles proves. Unfortunately Godsmark confiscates these bundles and misappropriates my £240 court fee. This is malfeasance, misconduct in public office.

Godsmark makes a mockery of our legal system and denies due process Denies access to Justice

Independence of the Judiciary disallows abuse of due process, abuse of discretion, abuse of Court Power, abuse of Human Rights, Equality rights, access to Justice, this is a criminal conspiracy to defraud and deprive Mr Browne of his inalienable rights So in effect there is an ulterior motive for these sinister and unlawful manoeuvres by HHJ Godsmark. read below.

Godsmark makes a mockery of our legal system and denies due process commits malfeasance

How implausibly and improperly is that? I am advised that the matter is transferred from the CAC to Nottingham, Nottingham duly transfers it back to London, London duly transfers it back it to Nottingham where it lies awaiting a hearing for almost 2 years. None of which was referred or approved by claimant J K Browne claimant contrary to process. In effect I am stripped of my rights

Godsmark makes a mockery of our legal system and denies due process. Fraud Act 206 Theft act 1908

This report currently involves the order of HHJ Freeland dated 18/10/19 that I appealed to the CAC £528 who refused to hear the case and transferred it to the high Court at Nottingham. I made an application to the High Court and paid £240 court fee. It is now swept under the carpet to 07.03.21 by HHJ Godsmark. No explanation, no refund and my 3 bundles are confiscated by Godsmark. This is not even scratching the surface of this debarle. Almost 7 years of stalling, prevaricating, bullying, intimidating penalising with disproportional costs in effect a deliberate hostile environment created by Godsmark to see Mr Browne off.

The hostility is looking like “HHJ Godsmark v J K Browne”, how else could an honest person describe this fiasco? The main architect of this debacle is HHJ Godsmark who carries a personal vicious grudge against Mr Browne that knows no boundaries.

Godsmark breaches his oath of office and commits perjury with abandon relaying on the solidarity of his brother judges who will perjure themselves to support Godsmark.

Godsmark makes a mockery of our legal system and denies due process

I request the HMCPSI to investigate this malfeasance as Godsmark is not sacrosanct

Godsmark makes a mockery of our legal system and denies due process


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