From: John Kenneth Browne To: HHJ Godsmark, DJ Wylie, DJ Potts, DDJ Elmer, DDJ Nix, DDJ Hovingham, DDJ MacKenzie, Thexam, Mitchell and 5 others. Why so many, reason to confuse the issues and stall for time, 9 years already. As they are all thoughtful and habitual liars. They are totally devoid of conscious. As barristers/solicitors/ are fully trained to lie with confidence and carry this forward, no wonder it is Condoned by judges!

Now we condemn autocrat Putin for denying Ukraine people their basic human rights for 6 weeks to date, while at the same time autocrat Godsmark is denying J K Browne his basic human rights for over 9 years. Talking from a relative point of view Godsmark would be worse than Putin had he the power, as he would get away with it. It begs the question what else does Godsmark get away with as he is immune from prosecution.

There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated by Nigel Graham Godsmark DOB 08.12.1954, a so called senior judge imposter and crew, under the shield of the law and in the name of justice. 24 Bridgford Rd. NG2 6AB


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