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Dear CJ Coe, J11YJ926/G81YJ713. Second version with addition new format. Larger print> whistle blower J K Browne

CJ Coe and Court Manager must read this “Statement of truth” as they are totally unaware of the history, chronology, facts of this 7 year old High Court case in Nottingham ( GODSMARK) as they could not be so inept to have not purused the file before making an invalid order dated 28.07.2022. Now read the proven facts of this travesty of Justice performed by County Court at Nottingham Godsmark/Coe. Should I not receive reply or acknowledgement it will answer all the questions needed to prove the guilt of Godsmark/Coe duo!

Reference 3YK08479 27.01.2015 yet to be resolved as at 31.07.2022 and its derivatives E78YM442 03.10.2017, G81YJ713, 08.11.2020 and J11YJ926 12.10.2021. Procedure 3YK08479 must be resolved first, that been the case E78YM442, G81YJ713 & J11YJ926 would never have existed. Days of Court time wasted at the behest of Godsmark and now CJ Coe is doing the same. Egregious!

I am in receipt of your order dated 28.07.2022 unfortunately this order is based on a false premise of which I have advised the court on numerous occasions that CJ Godsmark Coe has swept under the carpet, in effect ignored. On the face of it CJ Coe is adopting Godsmark’s policy of ignoring Mr Browne’s applications and claims and misappropriating his Court fees. When you have read the facts of this matter you will rescind this order forthwith. I have written to you numerous times and was ignored, never received a response. The file on this matter will be huge as Nottingham Is a court of record. So it must be assumed that Coe is deliberately ignoring Mr Browne’s application/claims for “”access to Justice” by Lord Dyson, as Godsmark has done for 7 years.

The crux of this entire matter is the order of Godsmark 27.01.2015. Regardless of this, Godsmark acts as if this order 27.01.2015 does not exist, CJ Coe now confirms by her order 28.07.2022 that she accepts that the order of Godsmark 27.01.2015 does not exist. I now enclose a copy order 27.01.2015 to prove it does exist! This indictment legally demands a defence if not GUILTY RSVP

You CJ Coe are the successor of CJ Godsmark who is officially retired actually impeached whose behaviour over the past 9 years is akin to schizophrenia as he has been gunning for me for past 9 years and I suspect CJ Coe is carrying on with his vendetta.

The following is a synopsis of the cases for CJ Coe’s information.

This matter begins with the order of CJ Godsmark dated 27.01.2015 3YK08479 when British Gas application was dismissed by CJ Godsmark, costs awarded to J K Browne to be assessed if not agreed. CJ Coe must note that British Gas has dodged paying any costs whatsoever to this very day 31.07.2022 with the cooperation of SCCO and Godsmark himself. Malfeasance!

Both CJs Godsmark and Coe do not accept that this order exists. It exists, it now makes order of CJ Coe invalid

Application correctly made to SCCO for assessment. £369 fee paid for same. 3YK08479 27.01.2015

Due process was carried out until Godsmark, by devious means, managed to transfer the case to Nottingham for Godsmark to sweep under the carpet never to be seen again. Representation made numerous times to SCCO and Godsmark were ignored. In effect this is same as lying by omission.

In order to at least recover my £369 fee I made a claim to CCMCC. Due process proceeded normally and a sealed order was issued by CCMCC. Copy attached. Title given was number E78YM442 dated 03.10.2017 a derivative of 3YK08479. This order was never implemented. Now by very devious means indeed Godsmark manages again to get the case transferred to Nottingham for sweeping under the carpet in Godsmark toilet.

Regardless of British Gas refusal to pay my costs, the order 27.01.2015 still stood. In effect British Gas still owed me my costs as ordered by Godsmark. The title of said claim is G81YJ713 dated 03.11.20. a further derivative of 3YK08479, that was issued with a sealed order. The court will be aware that this was the title of the case dated 12.10.2021 and on appeal was given a title of J11YJ926. Referred to in the current order of CJ Coe! In effect the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing. I am not surprised as this matter has been dragged out for 7 years by Godsmark and now stalled even further by Coe. Is this a court of law or justice by deception, is it injustice. Egregious.

Now we have more subterfuge a hearing is set down and given the title of G81YJ713 a derivative of 3YK08479, presumably by telephone. 10 AM 12.10.21 in effect one year later. I attended this hearing as I wants to see a kangaroo court in action, the presiding judge refused to look at the overwhelming evidence presented. In effect malfeasance by DDJ Elmer and she knew it!

At this hearing another 2 unlisted cases were added E78YM442 dated 03.10.2017 and G71YJ219 20.09.2020. Both of which had already been adjudicated on at CCMCC, but deviously transferred to Nottingham Godsmark without a hearing. This total hearing was a mockery a sham so I appealed. I paid the fee and nothing happened, no response of any kind regardless of numerous letters of in this regard. This was not new to me, I had already paid over £7000 in fees to HMC&TS that were misappropriated by Godsmark and applications swept under the carpet by Godsmark. As I had paid by Card on this Elmer appeal I was able to get a refund otherwise my money would have been stolen.

This appealed against the order of inept Elmer was given the title J11YJ926. I paid the fee by Credit card as required and after a month I concluded that I my fee was again to be misappropriated as had happened at least 6 times previously at the behest of Godsmark when I paid by cheque.

I also applied for a transcript of the hearing only to find it had been doctored. Even the transcriber agreed it was not right. Further proof, the original price quoted was over £300 the final figure was just £100. RSVP

It must be noted that during the so called hearing the DDJ became confused and was heard to say “I don’t know what to do” and the applicant Mr Crow offered to help her by advising her of the situation and what to do next. He was in effect the judge in the case and the DDJ Did what she was told.

In effect E78YM442, G81YJ713 and also J11YJ926 are all derivatives of 3YK08479 and that makes the order of CJ Coe invalid and must be rescinded. And the costs as per the order of 27.01.2015 be implemented forthwith.

In effect there are over 500 faxes messages and over 600 emails and over 50 letters by recorder deliver sent to county court at nottingham and not one single reply received, this is malfeasance. Now the county Court Nottingham and CCMCC block my Faxes so I am now not allowed to communicate my evidence my claims my applications to the court. This is not just malfeasance it is corruption and betrayal and impeachable.

What is now required is the order of Godsmark 27.01.2015 be carried out and my costs plus interest be paid by British Gas plus compensation for 7 years of seeking justice before a biased judge Godsmark.

Who is now impeached officially retired as no judge has ever been impeached! I repeat E78YM442 and G81YJ713 would not exist had 3YK08479 27.01.2015 been resolved 6 years ago. In effect this was a total waste of court time and Elmer Godsmark Coe are well aware and must be sacked.

I will now enclose 3 copy letters sent to Nottingham and CCMCC out of 500 also available on request.

There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice. One such judge is District Judge Nigel Graham Godsmark of Nottingham County Court as he sits in his kangaroo court surrounded by his dishonest crew namely:

DJs Wylie, Potts DDJs Elmer, Nix, Hovington, Ranson, Mackenzie, Thexton, Mitchell and Masheder who have perjured themselves to support Godsmark’s malfeasance and misconduct in public office, No doubt there will be more in order to confuse, stall and subjugate a litigant in person J K Browne .

Using subterfuge, fabrications, deceptions, chicanery, sophistry and lying mainly be omission to create hostile environment for J K Browne over 9 year period in Kangaroo courts. Godsmark/Coe do not do justice anymore RSVP!

It is vitally important in a democracy that individual Judges and the judiciary as a whole are impartial and independent of all external pressures includes other judges who could have ulterior motives without the responsibility. Examples CJs Godsmark, Coe and DDJs Wylie Potts Elmer et al!. So that those who apply to our Law Courts of Justice from the wider public can have confidence that their cases will be decided impartially and fairly in accordance with the law. It must be said that there is nothing wrong with the laws of this land it is the interpretation that biased judges put on them with an axe to grind

This is included in the Judges oath of office “I will do right by all matter of people without fear, favour affection or ill will” if a judge finds him/her self in a situation where they are involved personally with the claimant or defendant they must withdraw forthwith. They have no right to refuse such a request. Unfortunately it is proved some do and get away with it by intimidation manipulation discrimination malfeasance misconduct. One such Judge is CJ Godsmark now impeached (officially retired) and CJ Coe his successor is just as bad! It appears they are all tarred with the same brush

There is no greater tyraany than that perpetrated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice. One such judge is CJ Godsmark a law unto himself as he commits malfeasance and misconduct in public office and receives protection from CJs, HMC&TS, JCIO, EHRC, CPSI and MOJ. Egergous!

Godsmark does not do Justice he does vengeance and malfeasance. He spits on his oath of office. Ignores “access to justice” and “Human Rights” in effect he is a law unto himself. He hates litigants in person, SEES THEM AS PARIAHS and penalises them wherever/whenever possible. He suffers from Paranoia Schizophrenia the same as Vladimir Putin. Losing touch with reality

All I wanted throughout the 7 years of this case was JUSTICE, not available before CJ Godsmark or CJ Coe County Court Nottingham. RSVP

Honesty credibility J K Browne whistle blower


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