Nottingham County Court

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John Kenneth Browne  24 Bridgford Road West Bridgford Nottingham NG2 6AB P&F 0115 9142564 M 07776 306668 E: This is Statement of truth number one, ignored by all Judges I believe that the facts stated in this case number 3YQ10123 dated 01.03.2021 are true.” I believe that the…

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Wylie’s subterfuge manipulative chicanery sophistry and mainly dishonest order 17.06.21 is justice by deception. Hypocrites Wily Wylie wily Godsmark fabricate, & defraud. In effect are con artists and fraudsters! I am done pussyfooting around. Matter 7 years old Article 6 HRA 1968. Return £255. Salford orders stand. First action will…